The Privilege Of Studying At IIM Visakhapatnam

6th June, 2018 – I was en route to Pondicherry (AKA Goa of the South) with my friends when my phone chimed. The times got merrier as it was a mail from IIM Visakhapatnam (IIMV) notifying me on being selected for the PGP course. Even though I had planned to join a Business school to gain knowledge on management, it was a difficult decision to make – Keep my current job in the IT sector or Join a “Baby” IIM. So I went to my trustful companion Google to answer my queries. In the end I decided to join IIMV and I would like to state why below.

First and foremost one should always check the faculty and the curriculum of the institute you wish to study. IIMV has visiting faculty from IIM Bangalore (IIMB) and few permanent faculty from various fields of expertise. IIM Bangalore is the mentor institute of IIMV and I don’t need to say much about IIMB, as it is one of the BEST B-Schools in India. Hence we would be tutored and mentored by some of the best minds in the country. This information about the faculty was almost enough for me to choose IIMV. The curriculum is also not monotonous and is comprised of case studies and collective learning which provides us with a practical knowledge of managerial skills.

IIMV also boosts a unique International Immersion Program (IIP) where we would get to learn the practical aspects of business in other countries. So far the batches at IIMV had the privilege to visit and understand the market conditions, regulations, and processes of countries like Japan, Dubai and China. This hands-on experience is one of a kind and allows us to experience the business processes first hand.

If you visit the IIMV website, we are invited with a small popup box – “IIM Visakhapatnam in a Nutshell”, which boasts of IIMV as Mini-India (Students representing from 19 States). This point intrigued me as the exposure I will get and the good times that will be spent which piqued my interest. IIMV also hosts 6 events and has 9 clubs & committees to participate which are very important for overall development.

Finally studying in Visakhapatnam, the financial capital of Andhra Pradesh (AP), is also an added advantage. The current Chief Minister of AP, Mr. N. Chandrababu Naidu, has taken an active involvement in making IIMV as one of the best in India. Andhra Pradesh is also ranked number one in Ease of doing business and an IIM in the backyard will be helpful for the both the state and the institute to develop together. The campus is located in the prestigious Andhra University campus, so it doesn’t feel like a temporary campus (which is not the case in many new IIM’s). Students of IIMV are also lucky enough to take an evening stroll in the beach as it is very close to the institute.

I still have few more points which can be told on why IIMV is one of the best of its kind but I think you have already packed your bags and booked a ticket to Visakhapatnam. So let’s meet up, grow together and have a great time as well in the City of Destiny.

Which ABG company I would like to work for?

Aditya Birla Group’s Leadership Program is a great platform to propel oneself in the business environment. It is a one of a kind program which focuses on building leadership skills and allows to take on roles across functions and businesses of the global conglomerate. In ABG I would like to work in Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited as my earlier work experience in Master Data Management for retail environment coupled with my knowledge from IIMV will help utilise my skills and gain the practical managerial knowledge as well.

Placecom IIM Visakhapatnam

Placement Committee, Indian Institute of Management Visakhapatnam


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