Fundamentals of Finance


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This course is ideal for those who want to shine in the first job of their career in Finance. Whether you plan to start applying for finance roles, already have some finance job interviews lined up or have recently started your first job in Finance, this course will help you perform better than your peers. It covers ALL the basic & essential topics anyone would need, to start in the real world of Finance careers.

By the end of this course, you will: 

a) acquire knowledge about the various job profiles in Finance and know what to prepare for each of them 

b) revise all the essential & fundamental concepts in Finance such as Time Value of Money, Capital Budgeting, Risk-Return and Portfolio Theory

c) revise all the key accounting terms used in the financial statements of an organization,  along with a few must-know ratios for financial statement analysis 

d) gain exposure to the application of financial and accounting concepts in fields such as  Valuation, Markets, Treasury and Banking or Financial Services 

e) benefit from our tips & resources to stay updated in Finance 

The application sections feature experienced finance professionals narrating real life cases and examples

This course is suitable for those having at least some prior knowledge of commerce, business or financeFor example, those who are studying B.Com, BBA, BMS, MBA, CA or similar will be highly benefited.

This course is NOT suitable for someone having no prior knowledge or exposure to commerce, business or finance. 

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