How To Crack The Marketing Internship Interview


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The problem with a large portion of students interested in bagging a marketing internship is that they think they will smooth-talk through their selection process. When everyone thinks the same way, no one has an upper hand. That is why it is important to back your articulation with in-depth knowledge and scientific approach. This course will equip you to stand out in a sea of ‘smooth-talkers’ because it will help you go beyond.

On completion of this course you will be able to :

1. Answer interview questions using basic marketing concepts and frameworks.

2. Impress the panel with your insights and practical ideas.

3. Stand out in group discussions or interviews with prior knowledge of expectations of the panel.

4. Present case studies or share relevant examples at any point during the interview process.

5. Use the frameworks to understand your internship project better.

6. And while going through all of the above, understand how each concept will be tested and questioned during your interviews.

7. Learn the best practices for everything – from researching for a company to looking your best during the interview. From making your CV stand out to how to answer questions like “Tell me about yourself.”

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