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29th July 2013


Live Projects and Internships season is back on We start this season with two exciting projects from a start-up called ‘Fitternity’. It is a paid live project/internship! Apply here

Since May 2013, our interface has gone through a change. Please look for and apply for internships here :



16th Feb 2013

New Internship opportunity with Unplugged India in Bangalore. Apply for them here (You will have to Login to view)

13th Feb 2013

Decide Quick is an exciting new online company which wants to simplify social decision making and is offering extremely interesting Live Projects :

1) Marketing

2) Strategy & User Acquisition

Apply for them Now! Here

28th Jan 2013

This is just to clarify one more time. The Projects and Internships are open to everyone and not only for IIM graduates. If there is such a condition it will be project specific and clearly mentioned in the Project Profile. About 60% of the shortlisted candidates so far have been from non-IIM schools. You don’t have to be in a business school to apply for a project either.

25th Jan 2013

Profoundis announces a new live project! Visit here

The Customer Sentiment Analysis Project got a terrific response and the candidates have been shortlisted. They should be hearing from the company soon.

22nd Jan 2013

Very interesting new internship with Profoundis. You can work remotely! Visit here

7th Jan 2013

Exciting and Aggressive – That’s what defines this internship profile based in Noida! wants you to be crazy like them! Visit here

3rd Jan 2013

Exciting new project from now inviting applications! Visit here

2nd Jan 2013

The New Year brings with it many more internship and Live Project opportunities. 2 More projects up for grabs from and Ruby Kitchen!  Visit here

14th December 2012

We had announced last week that we were going through an upgrade. Well, its finally here. 🙂

In order to help companies connect to top talent in the country for their short term needs, we have the Projects & Internships section on now ! It is open to anyone in the world and you do NOT have to be a MBA to apply. There will be projects for bachelor degree holders/final year students and people from other domains too.

See the Projects & Internships, tab on the right? Go right in and land on your personal dashboard. More on the dashboard later.

There are 5 companies that urgently require people to help them/work with them. Please login through your FB/LinkedIn accounts and see if there is something out there that interests you! (You will only be able to apply if you are registered with us)

The platform is FREE for both organizations and students at least up to 30th April 2013.

More projects and internship opportunities to follow!

We are imperfect and always looking to improve. You will find a few bugs and issues with the upgraded platform. Would you be kind enough to help us by bringing them to our notice by commenting below?

If you are an organization needing good talent for your short term needs, why don’t you mail  Ayana on Someone from our team will call you within 24 hours (Except Sunday)

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