By A Proud IIM Raipur Student

Not too long ago, 6 new IIMs were founded with a view to providing quality management education to a greater number of aspiring candidates across India. Today, all 6 of them have carved a niche for themselves and are competing with one another for a tag of best new IIM. As a prospective candidate, making an informed decision on which one would be the best fit for me required to understand what each of these institutes stands for. The value proposition and scope of personal and professional growth was the basis for my decision to join IIM Raipur. We have a simple mission to nurture excellence and promote leaders capable of managing resources in a globalized environment, with social responsibility.

Economics teaches us that the world is controlled by the scarcity of resources wherein consumers must make choices in their daily lives. The constraints at IIM Raipur are not drawbacks, in fact, they provide us students with a platform to think “out of the box” contrary to traditional schools of thought to ensure that we meet our goals. Failure is not an option, and excuses may not be used as a mechanism to explain one’s failure to meet a deadline or complete a deliverable very similar to what one would expect in the corporate world. Each IIM has its own unique value proposition, and the “hands-on” approach adopted by IIM Raipur to train its students to be flexible and adapt to ever-changing real-world problems ensures that we are ready to take on any challenge head first.

We are a closely knit family here at IIM Raipur, there is so much to learn given the emphasis on diversity in the selection process. The rich diversity here is conducive to the creative thinking process which increases the scope of innovation. Another dimension of a B-School is its alumni network and I am proud to be a part of the IIM Raipur community.

I have always believed it is we, the youth of India who shall be responsible for nation building and IIM Raipur aligns with my personal objectives and hence I chose to come here. The time I have spent here thus far has already taught me invaluable lessons in time management and there is so much more to learn! IIM Raipur has a strong International Exchange Program and it will provide exposure to different cultures which is quintessential to maximise productivity while working in teams in a global world.


Which ABG company you want to join and why?

Aditya Birla Capital is committed to helping people protect what they value, invest their hard earned money and finance their dreams and aspirations. My parents have taught me that the most important thing in life is to be a good human being which is embodied in my dream to help India roar back to the epoch of global success. This starts with ensuring that every citizen has access to basic humanitarian requirements and ABCL provides a way to manifest this dream into a reality.

ABCL’s employee value proposition is a world of opportunities. I am a keen learner and want to continue sharpening my skillset and I believe that ABCL will provide me with a great platform to grow at a personal and professional level. Similar to group learning at IIM Raipur, I believe that my peer group at ABCL will propel me to my dream of professional excellence.


Priyesh Mummidi is a first-year student at IIM Raipur.