Why You Should Pursue Your MBA This Year

An MBA degree is a life-changing opportunity for anyone who pursues it from a reputed management institute. In India, over 2 lakh people appear for management entrance examinations just to pursue their management education from a top institute. However, the more you wait, the more you delay your chances of climbing the corporate ladder and becoming a top management executive.

InsideIIM is conducting a workshop with GD-PI experts that can help you ace the MBA interview and enter the B-school this year! Workshop on 12th January 2018 in Mumbai. Register here for the workshop.

Reasons To Pursue An MBA In 2019

Why should you pursue an MBA in 2019? What will an MBA offer you?

  • Career Advancement

An MBA opens up many doors when it comes to career opportunities. Don’t believe us? Visit any job portal like LinkedIn or Glassdoor, and take a look at the educational qualifications required for the most interesting job roles at the biggest companies – an MBA is a must if you want better career opportunities. Will you get the same opportunities without an MBA? Absolutely! But an MBA will significantly expedite the process!

  • Better Pay

An MBA is not synonymous with a huge pay cheque on the 1st of every month, but it can help you get there – fast. An MBA equips you with the tools that can help you increase your current salary manifolds, as you take up more responsibilities and rise up in the ranks with an organisation.

  • Future Prospects

An MBA degree on your CV can help you land exciting roles even beyond your first job. A recruiter is likely to prefer you over a candidate with just an undergraduate degree, as your MBA degree reflects on your superior management skills.

  • Networking

Your peers in your business school are likely to become corporate leaders themselves, and this is a perfect opportunity to network with future leaders and make friends with them. Not only can they teach you a lot, but they can also be of much help later in your professional career.

With all these clear benefits of pursuing an MBA as soon as possible, the next obvious question is –

Now that CAT 2018 results are out, how can I ensure that I get into a business school this year and get all of the aforementioned benefits? 

GD-PI Prep: Why It Matters

While preparing for CAT and cracking the exam is an essential part of the MBA admissions process, something even more complex awaits you – Group Discussions and Personal Interviews.

Just because you scored well in CAT does not mean that you are guaranteed admission to an elite business school. Every year, hundreds of aspirants lose out on an opportunity to enter the B-schools of their dreams simply because their performance in GD-PI was sub-par and they were not a right fit for the institute.

Preparing for GD-PIs is not an easy task, to begin with. Where do you even start your preparation? Is reading newspapers and improving your GK enough? Is showing up in a crisp suit and gelled-hair going to get you a B-school admit?

Not a chance.

You need to go beyond what everyone else is doing and master your GD-PI skills.

You might say, “Well thanks InsideIIM. That was no help at all.”, but keep reading. You are one step away from cracking your MBA interviews.

InsideIIM is conducting an exclusive workshop for MBA aspirants looking for guidance from experts on GD-PI-WAT preparation.

Date of the workshop – 12th January 2018 (It’s a Saturday)
Time – 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM (We won’t take up your entire day)
Venue of the workshop – Powai, Mumbai.

Interested so far? Register here and keep reading.

What You Will Get From The Workshop

So what will be your major takeaways from this exclusive workshop?

A session with someone on the other side of the interview panel – Dr. Seema Khanvilkar, a Professor of Business Communication:

Professor Seema is a well-known corporate trainer and has trained mid-level and senior management executives in India as well as internationally. She has also attended the Executive Education program at Harvard Business School, Boston.

So, what can a Harvard alumna teach you about personal interviews? Here is a glimpse of what you can expect:

  • How to answer – ‘Tell Me About Yourself’

  • How to answer – Current Affairs Questions


Do you want to learn the right way to answer any question that an interview panel can throw at you? If yes, then register here for Professor Seema’s session on GD-PI preparation and how you can ace your MBA interviews.

A session with the Founder & CEO of InsideIIM-Konversations – Ankit Doshi, IIM Indore alumnus:

Ankit Doshi, an IIM Indore alumnus, has experienced the MBA journey and knows the effort required to enter a business school. Ankit will be talking about:

  1. Why you should join a business school in 2019.
  2. Why you should not reject business school admission offers.
  3. The perils of appearing for CAT again.

Apart from the sessions with our eminent speakers, you will also receive a certificate of attendance from Team InsideIIM.

We will also be providing food for our attendees at the event venue – it’ll be on the house, of course.

To summarize, you will get –

  • GD-PI tips from an expert.
  • Sound advice from an IIM alumnus.
  • Free food and a certificate.

What more could you want!

If you’re in Mumbai on 12th January 2019, this is one workshop you don’t want to miss. Fill up the form below to register:


Mark the date on your calendars!

We’ll see you there.

Team InsideIIM

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