Pushing Your Boundaries At IIM Rohtak

29th June, 5:22 PM, AMR class

Oh god! “I should not be called” …. Oh god! “I should not be called” ….”Bhagwan Aaj bacha lo, Aaj ache se prepare nahi kiye hain”.

Sir opens an excel sheet and enters “=Randbetween(1,46)” function.. presses ENTER

The random number generated was 13. I could feel a sense of relief. “Thank god…bach gaye”. Luckily or unluckily the guy called wasn’t present in the class today. Everything was repeated, but this time the new number generated was 26. “Krishna Kunal are you there in the class?” said sir. “Yes sir” I replied. You may call it hindsight bias, but somewhere I knew I would be called today.

“I may be surprised. But I don’t think I will be” 

– Andrew Strauss 

Business school tends to be more or less case based. You will have to come prepared to discuss in the class. You will be expected to speak in the class which will be graded. You don’t need to give always a perfect answer. It’s very safe and healthy environment. It’s okay to make a mistake or make less sense. The idea is to unconsciously learn how to speak in front of other people, learning to think on your toes which will help you far beyond your college boundaries.

I came to the podium and the very first question asked by sir was “Who are you?”. I thought he himself has called me by name why is he asking this question?  “I am Krishna”..I replied.

”Who are you” He asked again. I understood I have to act as the protagonist of the case which has to be discussed today. “Dr. Garima” ..I said. Great and then a series of questions were asked. Being good at statistics I could answer most of the questions. His questions are really very interesting and tricky. The more you answer, the more questions you will be asked. It’s never “a question”, you will be asked a chain of questions. I still remember a chain of conversation.

“p=.310 what can you conclude?” asked sir.

“We could not reject the null hypothesis.”

“So What does it mean” asked sir.

“That both the variables; Bishop score before and after are not correlated”

“Is it good for the doctor?” asked sir.

“Umm..no sir”

“Why is it important that both the variables should be correlated?” asked sir

“Because then doctor knows how much dose of drug he has to give to the patient”

“Brilliant..”inko dijiye tali

The whole class starts clapping. It gives you a chance to push your thinking, push your boundaries, opening up all your sensory organs. It gives you more confidence. The class was so engaging that I lost track of time. I must tell you that 50 minutes in front of the whole class answering his tricky and charming question was really memorable.

Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

I would like to join Aditya Birla Payments bank. Being a Finance enthusiast and having interned in finance company I would like to work in this company. The payments industry is adopting the latest techniques in data storage and data analytics. It demands the company to come up with an innovative solution to efficiently solve banking issues. I am doing majors in finance and IT analytics which is very important for any payment bank, I believe Aditya Birla Payment bank will give me an opportunity to use my skills and to contribute to the success of organization which is the future of modern banking.