Put Your HR Hats On And Take Part In InsideIIM’s Ultimate Employer Branding Challenge

At the end of each placement season, B-School students mostly get split into two brackets. Those who have got placements at companies where every other student wants to go to. And those who, even after securing a placement in a decent company, lament that they could not make it to the latter. So what exactly creates this difference in the students’ mindset about particular companies!

Employer Branding.

‘Branding’, almost immediately, gets associated with marketing in the world of MBA. But, there is an often neglected aspect of branding that is equally important for any company to take care of; employer branding.

Simply put, it is a company’s reputation as an employer to the world out there. A well-crafted employer brand helps in attracting quality employees and retaining them, who are the key to success for any company to grow.

But, how do you achieve an effective employer branding? You can actually start with taking part in InsideIIM’s Ultimate Employer Branding Challenge.

What is this competition about:

The Ultimate Employer Branding Challenge is open for the HR students of B-Schools across the country. You need to work on particular cases related to employer branding for the organization that:

– you have interned with

– you are going to intern with

– you have been offered to work with

You need to make sure that you know the services provided by InsideIIM better and use the platform to drive home the employer branding for the company.

What you need to do:

1. You need to first understand the various properties and services offered by InsideIIM. For the same, you need to research on the videos, stories, quizzes, polls, books and other properties/services that InsideIIM provides through its website and Kampus Konversations app. Watch this video to know the properties and services that InsideIIM provides –



2. You need to then focus on the pain point of the company you would be working with. You need to understand how to:

A. create better branding for the company

B. help in engaging prospective candidates

C. use storytelling for better communication

D. highlight employee benefits and perks

E. use social media and other digital mediums effectively

3. The ideas/plans need to be submitted by you to InsideIIM.

4. Scoring would be done internally by the InsideIIIM team based on the merit of the case presented by the students. The top 3 contestants with best employer branding solutions would be awarded a cash prize.

How to present the ideas:

You need to present your cases through a powerpoint presentation or through an interesting video/infographic representation.

The entries with a creative approach in the presentation would be ranked higher.
The overall selection of the candidates would be based on:

– the effectiveness of the idea

– use of InsideIIM as a platform for employer branding activities

– engagement with the viewers/audience

– applicability/practicality of the idea

What would you get:

1st Prize: Rs. 25,000/-

2nd Prize: Rs. 15,000/-

3rd Prize: Rs. 10,000/-

How to take part:

You need to register on InsideIIM and fill this form with your information. The entries need to be sent to ayana@insideiim.com on or before March 3, 2019. March 10, 2019.

InsideIIM and Employer Branding:

InsideIIM, with its strong base of over 1.1 million unique users per year, provides a wonderful opportunity for the prospective hiring companies to draw the attention of these prospective candidates. With over 11,400 stories published on the website, 490+ videos on InsideIIM’s YouTube channel with 17,000+ active subscribers, there is a direct conversation that takes place with the B-School students on a daily basis. With the help of text stories and videos, InsideIIM presents an overview of the life in a B-School and prepares them for life after it. InsideIIM has also produced illustrated, interesting, new-age, millennial-friendly books in association with companies in the past to provide employer branding solutions.

Kampus Konversations is another such platform under the banner of InsideIIM, where employers could find immense opportunities to drive engagement among B-School students. Through innovative and engaging quizzes, games, polls and case competitions, Kampus Konversations helps companies who are looking to hire bright minds from B-Schools across the country.

So put on your HR hats and dive in for the Ultimate Employer Branding Challenge. Register here.

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