The Quest Of Progress At IIM Trichy

What Makes IIM Trichy Unique?

We rise everyday wishing the next day is filled with more possibilities that this one. The sun traces various colours on the vast expanse of the sky and from the balcony; the view is a symbolism of the many aspirations that mingle with each other to be fulfilled. The skyline also features the silhouette of our ever-evolving campus- the very campus that is a reflection of its students, because, it is the students who are fundamental to setting IIM Trichy apart from the crowd. It is mind-boggling to see how time has enabled us and our campus to transcend from being unrealised potential to the current progressive state, simply because it had not manifest until hard work, resources and emotional strength was put into it.

The power of creativity has a special role to play as the newness of the Institute permits the broadening of the mind. The implication this has is the chance of creating a legacy, a culture that leaves your mark in the very many batches that will grace these hallowed grounds. This could be in the form of being the founding members of a new club or committee, starting a tradition, creating an event and even having a stronger stance in academic recommendations because sometimes an institute can only grow with experiments, and this is true of the real world as well- anything is possible if you have the nerve.

There are times when I have realised that it was sheer destiny’s call to be where I am and have the chance to interact with personalities who have shown me what real courage looks like. A few of my batch mates have lost family members in the past year and I have seen the light leave their eyes during their mourning, and then, return with equal vigour. They taught me not to complain about finding B-school life hectic and unmanageable, they taught me to value every second I had with people I cared about, they taught me that life can be unfair sometimes but that is no excuse to not smile and bring happiness around me. I have met persons with disabilities such as inherited retinal degeneration being extremely grateful to study here because of the sight of a dream this institute brings, not just in terms of
infrastructure support but the extra mile that professors are known to go to. It all goes on to say that your vulnerabilities can become your greatest strength.

“As long as this exists, this sunshine and this cloudless sky, and as long as I can enjoy it, how
can I be sad?”

– Anne Frank, the Holocaust victim in The Diary of a Young Girl

This also brings us to the fact that in an environment where there’s so much talent, for every person who manages to get an opportunity, another has to be denied. The sting of that denial in an egoistic crowd can test you, but will also end up teaching you the beauty of patience.

Which ABGLP Company do you want to work for and why?

Among many firsts, one that stands out for me is the time I shopped for my first formal shirt before starting B-School. It was from Allen Solly and a fondness developed as that shirt was with me through my gruelling MBA schedule. After that encounter with Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail, I aspire to be a proud customer and resource as I could contribute in the HR department with integrity, commitment and passion. Additionally, I admire how ABG tackles problems of talent retention due to new international players and e-commerce, particularly the 2*2*2 policy and integration mechanisms for every acquisition.

This article is written by Riddhi R Kalra – Class of 2019

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