‘It Is Quite A Bit Of A Roller Coaster Ride To Be Honest’ – MDI

Yes! This is how exactly ‘Life at MDI’ was described to me before I came here, and, trust me, every word is true.

Humans are weird and so am I. Whenever there is a tough situation we get scared. Instead of sailing through the wind, we try to change the direction of our boat. I wanted to do the same. The first few days were scary, but when I look back I see how amazing those days were — such a learning experience, so many memories to take home.

Time passes by,

Taking away all wry.

My perception about seniors has undertaken a roller coaster ride this month — from being scared of them to respect them and have an affinity towards them. It is a different experience — the one I never had in my life. Every day I wish to talk to a new senior and find a new friend in him/her.

We meet,

We laugh,

We become friends.

That is how I got some amazing friends in MDI. Amidst the hustle-bustle, they are my smile bringers. It is true that we are here to make our careers, but to lead a happy life you need a family, too. These chirping birds or the musical rhythms are my home away from home.

A new journey it is,

And I am trying to find a new me.

B-school brings out something new in you. MDI has added newness in my life. It is truly teaching me the importance of time. I am learning the art of prioritizing. Every day comes with a new opportunity to better myself. The one thing I love about MDI is how it has delivered on its promises. I know that the day I will leave the gates of this campus to enter into the corporate world, I will be a professional.


The one thing that we all look forward to in the first few months in a B-school is ‘Summer Placement’. I would like to work with ‘Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Ltd’. Aditya Birla Group is known for its internship program and its ‘Build Your Own Brand’ approach gives the intern an opportunity to be at his/her creative best.  Apparel is a very dynamic industry. It requires different business models and involves existing and emerging fashion trends. Aditya Birla’s apparel brand is evolving in a direction with a mission to make the vision of its leaders come true. When you work under the guidance of leaders with such a vision as the leaders of Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail ltd have, every day becomes a learning experience.

This is my life at MDI.


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