Rahul Gandhi doing things

To my utter surprise (and eventual delight), I discovered that there is now an official “Rahul Gandhi” Facebook page. Also (not) surprisingly the page has a zillion funny photos of Rahul Gandhi. The middle aged youth leader fails miserably in looking anywhere close to serious in his pictures. But then again, anything Rahul Gandhi does or gets photographed doing (however serious or altruistic or theoretically cancer curing), becomes meme-worthy.

So below I reproduce RaGa doing things on his official FB page. To the credit of the Congress party, these were perhaps his best shots… a movie director really cannot do much if the lead actor in his movie is Arya Babbar.


Rahul Gandhi fighting with little kid for a biscuit


Earlier: Same fight, same kid. (Before it got ugly)


RaGa shaking hands of random South Indian Congress guy using his wrist


RaGa trying hard not to laugh at how poor the bearded man is.


Dedicated Congress Youth worker answering RaGa’s question – “How tall do you think I am?”


Blue sweater man absolutely horrified to be photographed with RaGa.


RaGa shocked to find a man with a Manmohan colored turban speaking.


RaGa stealing “Playboy” banian when he thinks no one is looking in a garments shop.


Later… RaGa executing a rampwalk in the same shop.


RaGa angrily asking one of his constituents why she is still poor, when even his undereducated brother-in-law has made thousands of crores.


Okay… RaGa probably told this guy he is a doctor or something (or slipped him a crore or two under the table). Hilariously dramatic pose!


You too can find Rahul Gandhi doing things at https://www.facebook.com/India.RahulGandhi. Also this Facebook page is NOT a parody page despite the inherent funniness of the photos. Enjoy!