Rasika Wanganekar’s Internship Experience At Wildcraft – SIBM Bengaluru

When I was exploring all interesting areas related to ‘Operations’ (which was my intended specialisation even before I made a cut to SIBM Bengaluru’s 2015-17 batch) in the first month of my MBA life, I came across the amazing field of ‘Supply Chain Management’. Then I got to know that among all recruiters of SIBM –B, Wildcraft India Private Ltd. provides best possible internship experience in the same field. So I set my mind and started preparing for it even before summer internship placement season started.

Wildcraft’s selection process had 3 steps which included a CV selection followed by Group Discussion and finally a Personal Interview. Throughout the process, it was clear that they were looking for someone who is absolutely clear about basic technical aspects of operations management. Even the group discussion topic was ‘3PL logistics Vs. Owing logistics operations’ (Imagine..!!!). But with my background in mechanical engineering and a previous stint of working on the shop floor helped me to clear selection process quite smoothly.

On the first day of my internship, Wildcraft welcomed us with goodies, personal diaries and most importantly – a mentor to each intern with clear agenda of what is expected from us in coming 8 weeks. The objective of my project was to improve the fill rate of modern trade channels of Wildcraft. Fill rate is one of the supply chain performance indicators. It shows how many orders company could fulfill against received orders in terms of percentage. The initial 2 weeks were all about collecting and crunching data. Wildcraft’s amazing open door culture helped me to approach anyone easily to collect relevant data from them.

Every day I spent an average of 8-9 hours on Microsoft Excel.  My love of numbers helped me a lot in doing this.  Apart from gaining proficiency in data analytics, the internship taught me complete ‘order management cycle’ of retail channel. It gave me glimpse of the complicated yet fascinating retail sector. Though I did intern in supply chain department but I got a hands-on experience in sales, marketing, merchandising and finance. I also spent a brief amount of time in warehouses, understanding order processing and warehouse management system. In every weekly review with senior management, I could see myself evolving in terms of knowledge, communication skills and mostly as a person.

To come up with the solutions I had to refer to many secondary sources and publications related to fill-rate issues and order management. Later on, this extensive research helped to publish my own paper in SIBM-B research magazine. So that was another good thing happened with me because of the internship.

 At the end of my internship, I presented solutions to improve fill rate of modern trade which was backed up by process gap analysis, cost benefit analysis etc. In one of the solution I built macro based ‘Dynamic safety stock model’. Other one was process improvement based on the principles of CPFR. My recommendations were highly appreciated by Director and founder of Wildcraft. And they have been implemented in the end too.

Summer internship is a great way to apply your learnings of one year of management education. It gives you great insights into the corporate future. One should be all absorbing during this experience and should not limit learnings to a specific domain only. Grab every single opportunity of having fun, of collaborating, learning, excelling and you will come out as a better version of you after internship. 


About the author:


The author’s name is Rasika Wanganekar, a second year operations student at SIBM Bengaluru. Rasika belongs to beautiful and serene Konkan region of Maharashtra. She is a mechanical engineer from University of Pune. After her graduation she chose to work in challenging sector of manufacturing, working on shop floor of Mahindra’s Scorpio assembly plant. This unusual career choice gave her lots of real insights into manufacturing and operations world.

Rasika is an avid reader, permanent foodie and loves practicing yoga.

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