Ratio & Proportion and Variation – InsideIIM Virtual Class with CPLC’s Parag Chitale


CPLC ‘s Prof. Parag Chitale systematically deconstructs the problems which make quantitative aptitude seem ridiculously simple. In this video, he explains the topic of Ratios and Variations in just 20 minutes. It’s one of the most basic topics in quantitative ability which you need to know before you start your preparation in full-swing.



Whether it is CAT or GMAT, this series on InsideIIM is comprehensive and covers the fundamentals of all possible problems under the Quantitative Aptitude area. You can watch the entire course here.

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thnx a lot…juz got it..and yes ..iam missing at one more topic:averages.Further, may i knw if there will be lectures of LR and DI?


ok..thanx for the immediate response