To Reach Beyond The End Of The Sky… – IIM Visakhapatnam

I knew I would make it big at some point in my life, since childhood. The only issue was I did not know how. There has been a plethora of life-changing lessons learned since then. The most important of all is that ultimately it’s what we love is what brings us happiness and satisfaction; success is just a by-product. So it becomes imperative to first find, and then pursue that one thing, which we can see ourselves doing happily with satisfaction, ten or even twenty years down the line. Of course, no one can predict the future, and the focus should be on completing the short-term goals, but it’s worthwhile striving to fulfil the long-term dream.

In my case, this realization has been a long drawn process: from not striving to get the best education of choice from the best college, for graduation, to not striving to get the desired quality of profession, to introspecting and self-evaluating, to taking the necessary actions to make amends, to finally following the heart and working towards achieving the big dreams; it really has been a roller coaster ride.

This is where IIM Visakhapatnam had a role to play. Owing to my past experiences, I was super critical about selecting the right college for my MBA. Quality of curriculum, as well as faculty, were of utmost importance for me. Needless to say, IIM Visakhapatnam fit the bill perfectly, with its world-class course delivery, as well as pedagogy, derived directly from IIM Bangalore.

There are multitudes of reasons which sets apart IIM Visakhapatnam from other top B-Schools in the country. The International Immersion Program is one of them. It helps us learn about various market conditions, opportunities, advantages, challenges, regulations, practices, culture, and perspectives, among numerous other things, of some important emerging economies, which would be fruitful in leading multi-national businesses in the future. On the other hand, The Entrepreneurial Passion and Innovation Club equips us with the necessary skills to bridge the gap between conceptualizing and materializing an idea. The consulting club creates unique opportunities to interact with the leaders in the industry, and provides a platform to hone our problem-solving skills. Clubs such as The Social Activities Club, Sports Club, Hobbies & Interest Club, Information Technology Club, Student Media Cell and ARTquake always provide an avenue to learn something new, and ensure our holistic growth into future leaders. The list can go on and on and on…

Another important factor is the process of shortlisting students for admission by IIM Visakhapatnam. It puts a lot of emphasis on past academics which ensures top-notch quality of the student pool, and hence enhances the peer learning experience, as well as the competition.

IIM Visakhapatnam enjoys the unique location advantage of Visakhapatnam, which is the financial capital of Andhra Pradesh, and is also backed by the political will for rapid development. Besides, the natural beauty, and pollution free environment of Visakhapatnam just adds to the already conducive environment for learning.

IIM Visakhapatnam is the place which we will call our home for the next two years, which will nurture us into world-class professionals, both through love and rigour. This is going to be an experience of a lifetime. I look forward to anchor my roots in the solid foundation called IIM Visakhapatnam, strive to live up to its name, and maybe one day, grow so tall that I am able to reach beyond the end of the sky…

Which ABG company I want to work for, and why

I developed a keen interest in finance while trying to learn to increase wealth exponentially. I want to make a career in the same, comfort with numbers being an advantage.

Therefore, I yearn to work in Aditya Birla Capital Limited, which specializes in all sorts of financial activities, from broking, to consulting, to financing, to life insurance, to asset management, to wealth management to name a few. I am hungry to learn them all. Furthermore, the 91.6% increase in its net profit (Source: ET) in quarter ended March, 18 over the last quarter, attests its success in the domain.

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