Realising Dreams, One At A Time – MDI

Life is all about the choices you make and decisions you take! One such decision landed me at MDI on 14th June 2018. And will the day ever fade for me? A big NO will be my answer. I was entering one of the most interesting and anticipated phase of my life, for which I have been dreaming and planning for so many years. The day had a lot of surprises in store for me none of which I had actually thought of. I was well aware of the rigour B-schools follow, but experiencing it first hand, that too from Day 0 when you expect nothing short of goods and glories was a shock then, to say the least.

Today, one month after the day I was inducted, when I think of those rigorous induction days, it just brings a smile as to how that ‘not so happy’ phase has laid the foundation of the transformation that was brought in me in such a short time. We started off with our classes in the next 15 days. Let me tell you I ‘was’ from an engineering background, and the clan is already famous for how academically inclined it is in those four years. Now I really expect you to catch the white lie in my last line! After 4 years of engineering and 3 years of work experience, I was back to school. And thanks to the amazing faculty at MDI, this transition went pretty smooth for me. I have been simply awestruck by some of our professors who mould real life implementations with theory so well that you everyday challenge your limits and strive to be better although according to you, you gave your best the last day.

Another thing that I love about MDI is the level of interactions we have with industry veterans, seniors and peer groups which give us so many opportunities to learn from first hand experiences. We meet different people, we interact with them, we learn about their cultures and grow as a person. The learning never ends; we find campus groups or student groups where we can explore our co-curricular skills along with many other students like us. The scope is endless.

During such interactions with seniors, I got to know about ABG as an organisation and the values and competencies it nurtures. If given an opportunity, I would really love to work with Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Ltd. The interests of the company perfectly align with the skillset I possess and aim to develop, which ensure that I work with full zeal and interest thus proving to be fruitful to the organisation as a whole. Over the years I have developed an inclination towards people and interactions. Working with the organisation which greatly involves these two parameters, I get an opportunity to pursue my roles and responsibilities while doing what makes me happy.

Concluding, the greatest fundamental learning my experience at MDI has taught me till now is that life is unpredictable. It might be good, it might be bad, it might be weird, and it might not suit your habits and schedules, but expect anything to happen; and more than that, be prepared for it with full willingness and interest. I am expecting a lot more learnings in the next two years and eventually make these two years, the best time of my life.