Red Building Of Dreams – Ishvinder Singh, FMS Delhi

What makes your campus Unique?

Our campus has best ROI in the world. There is a scarcity of resources but I think this is the best think about FMS, He make you true manager. I think the role of a manager is to manage people and resource and this our campus start teaching us from Day one, I think because of this FMS has produced the largest number of CEOs. The bonding we made in College with seniors and our colleges its awesome. I think in no other campus seniors take so much pain for you. In our campus they teach us, they come to party with us, they stay on campus till 1 am on campus with us. So people here Know as “Karorimal ka samna wala college” but It’s much more than this it’s the World highest ROI and India’s largest CEO producing campus.

A memorable Experience in B school ?

In FMS there is an event called Merchants of Delhi. In this task, all our money, wallet, laptops and phones are taking away by seniors. We were divided into teams consisting of 10 players each and every team has given Rs1500. Our task is to go outside and earn money. So I and my 4 other teammates were at Rajeev Chowk metro station, there we decided we go to people and said I lost my wallet please give me some money. So as per plan I approached someone and said I lost my wallet need some money to reach home. He gave me Rs100 and said today it’s very difficult to trust anyone. Then I go to my friends and told them that mission accomplished.

But that guy saw me talking to my friends and I think by that time he realized I con him. Then I realized if today I took this money than I future that guy might not trust anyone, for me it’s a only competition and because of me, he may not help someone in future who actually need his help. Then I discussed this with my friend and decided I am going to return this money otherwise I remain to feel guilty about my self. Then I chased that person and gave his money back and said my friends played a prank with me and now I got my wallet back. I think this experience improved my personality and the most memorable experience for me till now.


My craziest Friends


Bharat is my flat mate and I think he is one of my craziest friend in FMS. His craziness is in his tension. He fear a lot work whole night but then not able to submit his assignment and got sleep in session.


Monisha I met her during FSC project . but our full discussion were on places to travel in Delhi. She is always up for travel no matter how much assignments are their or some thing else very imp is there, she is always up for Travel. She is a true travel enthusiast.

Maruti Ram-

He is a kind of introvert person, Always brags aboutTeluguu group. But he is a real Finance enthusiast. He is CFA level 2 but apart from this I got surprised after saw his love for finance. He missed Induction because he has a CFA exam but then he did finance assignment given by induction team in next 3 days. He did not sleep for 3 night and say its not suffering its my passion I enjoy doing this.

Ravi Krishan –

He is very chill out guy in our campus .The craziest thing about him is his love for cricket. In this hectic schedule he manage to watch cricket and even football. He was also a National level player.

Placement Cell FMS Delhi

Established in 1954, FMS has been a pioneer in India offering management education. FMS has the unique advantage of being a premier ‘B-school’ in a University milieu and in the national capital, thus offering valuable opportunities for our students in interdisciplinary learning and to undertake live projects from national/ international organisations. FMS is proud of a long list of illustrious alumni. It has rich legacy and history of producing World Class Business Leaders who are ranking stalwarts in Top MNCs across the globe.