Red Building Of Dreams – Mridul Agarwal, FMS Delhi

My campus is the red building of dreams, FMS, Delhi. People would think that being such a prestigious name would bring along with it the all fancy business lifestyle and the grand aura of a b-school. But, actually that’s all our campus is, a red building and within these walls we make our dreams come true and come out as smart and independent leader after 2 years.

Although I disagree that our campus is just one block of classrooms, I think the whole north campus, Delhi University is our campus. Delhi university sports complexes, conference halls, gardens, cafeteria are there at our disposal. Along with all this we have the independence of choosing our lifestyle as we have to arrange our own accommodation and food.

What also makes my campus unique is the integrated culture of peer to peer interaction that we enjoy due to the small ecosystem. So this for me is my ladder to success where I have come to get the taste of the ever sough after student life again and I hope to leave this place a great leader and people’s person


Describe a unique classroom experience in you b-school

My most unique campus experience would be the time when Vihaan club introduced their initiative towards smart village in Ram Nagar. I have always believed that true happiness lies in giving back to the society and this is what exactly this endeavours to be.

What Vihaan club does is conduct CSR activities in this village where they organize teaching initiatives, sport activities, mentor-mentee programs. In the future, they are planning to conduct free dental campaigns and physician campaigns to cure diseases with are generally undiagnosed in these areas.

I really look forward to participating in these activities as me being an urban child wants to know the ground reality and get introduced to real and incredible India.


Describe some crazy batch mates?

Garima Gupta – The girls to completed her CA and CS just by the age of 20. I mean is she even human. I was deciding what to do with my life at that age when she had not one but 2 professional certificates. Moreover, she is from Jaipur too and hence the special connection. She is the flag bearer of all finance ninjas in our batch who hopefully will help us pass accounting subjects with flying colors.

Manu  S – One of the rare Keralites in our batch, who is a tech geek and I always see him struggling with Hindi, this being his first stunt north of India. But, again this guy also has many feathers on his cap, he is a professional chess player, badminton player and trainer, violinist, club level football player and what not. God! What is it with my batch, am I the only “normal” person over here? One interesting fact, I have actually sold earrings in Cannaught Place, Delhi with this guy.

Prateek Raina – Now this guy is whom I can relate to, after all he is an engineer who liked singing, loves football and you know what he can differentiate between the different types of lentils because he is a cook and a foodie at heart. Now, even I love cooking but till date I haven’t been able to differentiate between masoor and arhar daal.


Why do you want to join Aditya Birla Group and which company?

ABG was named the AON best employer in 2018 and this being 3rd year in the past 7 years. Also, it is a $44 billion corporation, which is in the league of the fortune 500 which makes it the dream company for millions. Also, ABG is the 2nd largest telecom company and amongst the top 4 cement manufacturers amongst other things. ABG has under its umbrella many businesses like, chemicals, retail, payments bank, metals etc therefore an employee at this organization will have the opportunity to get involved in a myriad of profiles. Also, I connect immensely with the vision and values of this organization as, integrity and commitment are stamps to the competence of a person and no one would deny that if not any task done without speed and passion is a task not worth doing. I would personally like to work in ABG retail with brands like Van Heusen, forever 21 as I have been a consumer of these products and am highly impressed by the quality these brands provide in such optimal price points. I would like to know the various business sides of these brands so that I can implement these learnings in my future endevors.

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