The Red Riding Intern At Airtel – Ridhima Bansal, IIFT Delhi

A confident woman walked down the streets of “Chandigarh” with beads of perspiration down her face and determination in her mind. She isn’t the same person as two months ago. On April 5th, 2018, she was an anxious girl shaking in her room with her mind racing with plausible and seemingly implausible scenarios at a new location. That was me a few weeks ago and this is me today.

Airtel gave me the exposure that MBA aspirants often dream of when they start their journey. The long hours that seemed long only after hitting the bed and the innumerable market visits which brought out the best of me. At some point, one would forget where work ended and the fun started. Only after seeing things from behind the veil did I understand the industry. I could never imagine what goes behind one recharge or the sale of one sim. The sheer scale of efforts and manpower required for an activity so minuscule in the mind of a customer was unimaginable.

With a plethora of people to learn from, the entire activity helped me understand the intricacies of communication. Handling a team of 33 promoters was no small task in itself. I found that every person has a motivation of their own and to help increase sales, one needs to tap into that. My seniors didn’t act like seniors but more as helpful guides. They helped me brainstorm for Ideas and even asked me how my day was going, I’m sure that at a place like Airtel, one will have more friends than colleagues.

Of course, the Friday sessions kept the entire week interesting. The social media tasks and the fastest finger firsts ensured a stimulating experience for us. From market visits to interesting meetings discussing strategies, it is the challenges and small wins that make the entire project worth doing.

Ridhima Bansal

I am currently pursuing MBA(IB) from IIFT,Delhi. I love to meet new people and enjoy life to the fullest.