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Reliance Industries

The growth of Reliance Industries from a small trading company into a Fortune 500 global business conglomerate in just over one generation is a story of ambition, growth, and entrepreneurial vision. Students from top schools and universities in India aspire to work on audacious projects in this company. This is a dedicated wall for everything about Reliance Industries and it's people.


Meet Unilever at Konversations Cafe on Friday in Mumbai

For the first time ever in India, InsideIIM offers candidates with confirmed offer letters from India’s top business schools an opportunity to interact with some of India’s dream recruiters. (This event has concluded. Read the event report here) Hindustan Unilever – 5 time Dream Company Rankings Topper at InsideIIM’s Recruitment Survey and most other surveys

How To Prepare For An Interview – Body Language – Summer Time Madness – Reliance & InsideIIM

In this video, we have a  very important topic pertaining to Interview Preparation, Body Language. An Interview is a two-way process and it is important to ask the right questions at the right time and further, have an air of confidence when you walk. Watch the video below to know how body language impacts your

How To Research On A Company And A Sector For Job Interviews – Summer Time Madness – Reliance & InsideIIM

This is the third episode of our initiative with Reliance Industries Limited, ”Summer Time Madness”. After talking at length about what goes into making a resume and the common errors committed in the first two parts, what comes next is researching your potential employer. Why do you need to arm yourself with enough relevant facts

How To Make a Resume – Common Mistakes – Summer Time Madness – Part II – Reliance And InsideIIM

We bring you the second episode of Summer Time Madness – Our 10 part video series in association with Reliance Industries. In the second part, we cover the nitty-gritties and some very common errors that applicants are prone to making while building content for their CV. What points should be highlighted at the start of

Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship For Indian Nationals Abroad

Reliance Industries Limited generously created the Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship Program to support Indian nationals living in India who need financial assistance in obtaining an MBA at Stanford. Stanford GSB has a strong emphasis on global management education. Stanford GSB is proud to have enrolled many Indian students over the years; they are a vital

Changes and Transformations in the Professional World by Dr. Sanjay Verma

On 4th September 2014, Vinod Gupta School of Management, IIT Kharagpur had the privilege of hosting a guest lecture by Dr. Sanjay Verma, Vice President, Learning & Development at Reliance Industries Limited. Dr. Verma is a senior HR professional having expertise in driving Corporate Strategy and aligning the development of people with business goals of

IIMK Internship Kronicles – V. Sharada, Reliance Industries Limited (HR)

The field of Human Resources is one that offers a wealth of opportunities within every business sector. HR professionals are an integral part of any successful organization and are often involved in the execution of significant business change. With the emergence of HR roles in almost every sector, this field is often sought after by

Which Are The Most Preferred General Management Campus Recruiters? – InsideIIM Recruitment Survey 2016 – Part 7

Will TAS and Aditya Birla Group continue to dominate the mind space of management graduates and hence our  General Management rankings? Who are the new entrants in this space? In part 7 of the Recruitment Survey results we check which general management recruiters are the most sought after among 3 respondent categories : 1) Aspirants

How To Prepare for an Interview – Interview Questions – Summer Time Madness – Reliance & InsideIIM

This is the 9th episode of Summer Time Madness in association with Reliance Industries Limited. In this episode, we focus on how to prepare for Interviews and specifically on Interview Questions. The structure of the interviews is such that at one time or the other you will face a typical question – ‘Describe yourself’. This

How To Prepare for Group Discussions – Types of GDs – Summer Time Madness – Reliance & InsideIIM

In the 5th episode of summertime madness in association with Reliance Industries, we cover different types of GDs used by recruiters. There is no formula to ace the GD but by knowing the types of GD and by understanding what is the purpose of each type, you can deliver better.     The first type

How To Prepare for Group Discussions – Summer Time Madness – Reliance & InsideIIM

This is the fourth episode of “Summer Time Madness”, our 10 Video Series in association with Reliance Industries Limited.     In this episode we introduce you to a new segment of campus placements which is “Group Discussions.” There is no thumb rule or definite process of preparing for a group discussion. It is a

IIMK Internship ‘K’ronicles – Bullipe Reddy, Reliance Industries Summer Internship 2015 (General Management)

Reliance Industries is the largest and the most profitable Private Ltd. Company in India. Reliance owns businesses across India engaged in energy, petrochemicals, textiles, natural resources, retail and telecommunications. It offers diverse roles for summer interns ranging from HR to Finance and General Management. Bullipe Reddy shares his internship experience at Reliance Industries Ltd. Bullipe has

Most Preferred Consulting & General Management Recruiters – Part IV – InsideIIM Recruitment Survey 2014

The consulting domain continues to remain a favourite of most MBA grads. Strategy consulting firms pay well, and compared to banks, they offer more intellectually stimulating work. As The Economist puts it, MBA grads have begun to put up with being merely affluent, rather than become obscenely rich, and choose consulting roles over investment banking.