Reminiscences Of The First Year At JBIMS

‘Sleepless days and sleepless nights’ is what characterizes a usual day of an MMS student at JBIMS was what we had heard before joining this institute. The induction was one hell of a roller coaster ride that really tested our limits where we didn’t even remember if at all we slept or not. This was a conditioning to our mind and body to push our limits to the maximum and I can say that somehow, I managed to survive. After the induction was over I was relieved but our relief lasted for a very short time as the pressure of attending lectures, completing the assignments and giving group presentations started and the memories of induction soon began to surface. No one is complaining though as this institute compels its students to break their moulds and unleash their skills within. Education is imparted at JBIMS by amalgamating both theoretical and practical aspects of the business. With the plethora of seminars/ placement talks held at the institute every month wherein its alumni engage students with their rich experiences and practical business scenarios are the core learnings we business students need. Thus, students at this institute gain various business perspectives which give them an edge over other B-school students. One of the best assignments was to go in the market and collect everything that we could find in garbage bags. This helped me overcome my fear about the way we approach complete strangers and with more exposure learnt how exactly should information be extracted from them. We had many similar such assignments where we got real life practical experience. Faculty at JBIMS mostly comprises of professors, managers, industry stalwarts, and its alumni and the teaching methodology is mostly case based and the lectures are interactive in nature. Apart from all these advantages, life is not easy at JBIMS, especially in its first year. There is no fixed timetable or lecture schedule. Students get to know about the schedule only a day prior in advance. So, this institute is known to keep us on our toes all year round. But great things in life don’t come easy and that is why we the students take these challenges positively and this institute helps us in shaping us in the right direction. All these characteristics make JBIMS unique and a worthy place to be in to enrich one’s knowledge. Hence it is rightly called the ‘CEO factory of India’.

Working at Aditya Birla Group would be one of the most enriching experiences in terms of working with the best minds across a diverse number of companies right from garments to chemicals to finance. The best thing that I look forward in working at ABG would be the learnings that would help me in honing my skills and to be one of the best future leaders at ABG. Having an inclination towards finance I would like to kickstart my career working at AB Capital, which would help me in applying recently learned financial skills and gain an insight about ABG.


Ninad Deshmane


JBIMS Placement Committee

JBIMS was established in 1965 by the University of Mumbai in collaboration with the Stanford Graduate School of Business. JBIMS is considered to be unique in management education as it is firmly rooted in the local soil and capable of articulating the Indian ethos. In the contemporary era, when globalization and liberalization are the buzz words, the institute has (without disturbing the said roots) ordered itself to meet the emerging challenges, sentiments and opportunities that are coming with the new economic order.