Resume: The Brand For MBA Applicants

Resume acts as a quintessential component in the Business School Applications. It provides a snapshot of skills, experience, key accomplishments and interests. A company has written a one page CV of Elon Musk, and the world has gone gaga with this interesting feat. The accomplishments, the relevance along with brevity is the order of the day. Verbose CV that flaunts a lot while lacks content lose credential. Curriculum Vitae, as it is often called, refers to “The Way of Life” as the original meaning.

Often, there should exist a clear distinction between Job Resume and Business School Application Resume. The Former focuses on the functional area of expertise and the career objectives. While the latter should include work experience, extracurricular activities, achievements and your interests. Sometimes Statement of Purpose and other essays act as a way to understand the applicant’s psyche, desires and motivation.

Movies have trailers to showcase the innate potential of the showpiece.Similarly, a good impression is impregnated by a well thought out CV. The Resume should be separated into three sections: Professional, Education, and Additional Information. Time and Effort has to be invested therefore not just on exam or college preparation and interviews but also Resume Building. The other significant point is the requirements might be different for business schools this has to be tailored to the individual styles and capabilities available.

TAPMI has a banking and hospitality stream that accepts an application. Similarly, Marketing is the major proposition for IMT Ghaziabad. XLRI is often considered as one of the pioneers in HR. GLIM is regarded as the HUB for IT-related applications. Thus, there are different areas of expertise for different colleges traditionally, and it can be harder to get through these specializations as it is a core competency.

Action words cater to a dynamic individual and it can be helpful in Branding an Individual. Words that demonstrate collaborative attitude like assist, contribute and support can signify teamwork capabilities. Quantify your impact on your company with measurable results. Numbers are to be used to communicate the impact with specific details.Example: Percentage by which expense was reduced or sales was increased. The order of listing Job Experience is usually is done in reverse chronological order and the recent most work experience should be given utmost priority. STAR method (Situation, Task, Action and Responsibility) method helps to explain accomplishments. The situation conveys the context, the tasks and action convey your skill set and individual contribution, and the result shows your impact. Meeting unrealistic deadlines, resolving conflicts within the team, providing motivation are the other challenges that are to be highlighted. Anything on the resume can be discussed for the interview. Hence it is advisable to showcase interests and topics that can act as icebreakers and which you are well versed with.

Cricket was the area of interest that helped me gain confidence in an otherwise nervy interview when quizzed about the same. The knowledge of the subject came to my rescue and helped me win brownie points. Potential companies also check social media accounts to get an insight into the candidate other than the factual information presented with CV. Thus, Social Media Psychometry can also be evaluated in the near future as the possibilities are galore and Resume might not be able to save the day on its own!!

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