Retail Store Management And Visual Merchandising Workshop

SCMS Cochin School of Business will hold a two-day training program cum workshop on Retail Store Management and Visual Merchandising. Themed “Empowering Store Managers for Retail Excellence”, the workshop to be held on the institute’s state of the art campus on the 2nd and 3rd May promises to have a lot in “store” for practically everyone related to and interested in the retail industry. Facilitated and helmed by experts in the field, the workshop will be an attempt to decode the tricks and traits of successful Retail Management.

Self and customer analysis where participants will be trained to know themselves and customers, Retail store operations to enable excellent management of the premises, HR considerations to encourage the retail team, and Store Layout and Visual Merchandising will be different areas of the industry that will be covered during the workshop. The program has been carefully chalked out by the faculty team from Retail and Marketing departments. Trainers with industry experience, including those who have AMT accreditation in retail Management, will deliver the workshop.

So who are the prospective participants who can benefit from the workshop? Firstly, store managers and assistants can gain skills to manage their day-to-day operations better. They can also monitor store standards and try to bridge the service centric gaps besides being able to undertake routine HR management at the outlet level. Those who want to know more about Retail space allocation, and understand the science and art of visual merchandising to build store ambience with optimum yields can also benefit from the workshop.

To keep things interesting and engaging for the participants, unique and modern pedagogy will be employed to drive the point home.

Thirty participants will be chosen for the program that will have four comprehensive sessions facilitated by Dr. V. Raman. Nair, Asst. Prof. Bindu K. Nambiar, Asso. Prof. Sudheer Sudhakaran, and Prof. Sreekumar B. Pillai; all renowned names in the field. They will focus on strategies and techniques that can enhance performance in different areas of the retail industry. They will also offer tips and tricks, which can hold the participants in good stead in the long run. Interspersed with lunch and tea breaks that give participants opportunities to interact with trainers and network, the program will strive to offer a wholesome learning experience to Retail enthusiasts.

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