Rewind: 186 days at IIM Shillong

January 7, 2015: Hello Everyone!

I am sitting in bed at my place in the City Beautiful (Chandigarh). I just woke up after an 11-hour sleep session.


Yes sleep, wooo! a luxury you can barely afford at an IIM.

Anyways, it has been more than 6 months since I started my journey at IIM Shillong and I think it is time I reflect back at the amazing experience I had.

I was going through a few blogs to get an idea how to write a blog post but think I do not want to write about my first day or exams or sleeplessness. I do not even want to give any lessons or words of wisdom or some gospel truth.

I even don’t want to make a checklist of Dos and Don’ts. I want to share my experience of the past 186 days.


Peer Pyar:One thing that makes you taller, stronger and sharper (smarter I mean) is consuming Horlicks. Two glasses everyday and you are good to go.

Along with that the company you keep also matters. The discussions with your study group, conversation with friends and interaction with seniors makes a difference. You not only gain the business concepts but also you gain new perspectives for a lot many things in your life. Peer Learning (Pre-MBA Buzz word #1) makes a tiny bit of difference.

For instance: I have had discussions with different people about Xiaomi brand building, new business ideas (Yeah! That “Me Too” entrepreneur keeda is everywhere), Chumbak, a person’s different forms of ego, Different books that people keep reading and the list is just endless.


Small World: IIM Shillong is the best place for Networking (Pre-MBA Buzz word #2). IIM Shillong has a batch size of 140+. Every person on campus knows every other person.

Like literally I know everyone on campus. Of course not to forget the seniors who are on campus.


Uniqueness: You are different. That is great. Everyone wants to be different. IIM Shillong is a place where that difference is respected. You can be as you wish to be. No one will question you. I just totally love this thing about my college.Group Work

Group Work: I will really want to thank the person who invented or discovered or designed or conceived Group Work (Pre-MBA Buzz word #3).

It really makes a difference.

I could not have done any of my accounts and finance assignments without the help of Fin Gods (all Commerce graduates are Fin God at least for me) May God bless them!

2 States: It happens! OOPS! I should not speak on this topic any more. I do not want your parents to slander me with lawsuits for ‘trying to spoil their kids’.

Anyways I will try to share with you some more experiences in my following posts. So, Stay tuned!


This article is authored by Sumit Bedi, a student at IIM Shillong. He is a member of IIM Shillong’s Marketing Club.

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