The Rigour Of IIM Rohtak – A Learning Experience

Zero sleep, empty stomach and half read articles, that’s how I entered my first class in IIM Rohtak. The grooming programme was going on and I barely got three hours sleep every day, on top of that classes were starting and our first session was Marketing Management I. I had three pre-reads totalling to about 60 pages for that session. I was not able to finish it in my brief sleeping period of three hours.

It was 07:45 am and the class begins at 08:45 am, I barely read one and a half article, I decided to skip the breakfast, not a bright choice as I didn’t gain anything additional from that. Along with my friends, I left the hostel at 08:30 while my eyebrows were feeling heavy. A seven minutes’ walk meant I reached 8 mins early to class. I started to doze off as I could hear the chatter of my classmates in the background. A sudden silence woke me up, only to find a big figure standing in front of me.

The tension was high as it was my first class in IIM Rohtak and on top of that, I have not completed my pre-reads. The professor explained rules, the marking schemes and about the quiz he will conduct every class based on pre-reads and how answering right question won’t fetch you any mark while not knowing the answer will fetch negative marks. He didn’t take long before starting with the quiz, I was praying he wouldn’t call my roll number. I was impressed with my classmates as most of them got most answers correct. How did they manage this, am I that bad in time management? I was lucky not to be called that day and never have I ever entered the class again without the pre-reads.

The class continued as he explained the basics of marketing, students adding their own insights and I myself added some points. It was so interesting that my brain forgot that I haven’t had any sleep and I was working the whole previous day.

From the first day I understood that classes in IIM Rohtak are going to be nothing like how it used to be in my under graduation, where our teachers focussed on theory, it was more like one-sided communication. Here they taught less theory, more about real life application of theory and we get more input through peer learning,  a group of bright students coming from different backgrounds added value to what the professor was discussing about. 

Which ABG company I want to work and why

 I want to work in Aditya Birla Retail limited because my passion is to work in the FMCG sector as brand manager. FMCG is a high pace industry and I have the skill sets which compliments the industry, one word that defines me would be dynamic and dynamic individuals are the ones which this industry wants. FMCG Industry is constantly evolving whether it be the rate of product innovation or rate of career progression and as an individual I love challenges and, in a team, I love brainstorming and building ideas. Aditya Birla Retail is a growing sector and I believe it will be a perfect place to start and develop my career.