A Run-Up To The Life At A B-School

‘Raat ka kya scene?’ – Party!

‘Class ka kya scene?’ – Proxy!

Well, to understand where all this is coming from, you will have to take a 2 year trip to a B-School, because that’s where all of this actually happens! And yes, we mean it, literally! A B-School life is a very short one where chaos is new, or rather let’s say the only order.

So, by now, you would have got the idea of where are we going to take you, right? Yes, it’s a sneak-peak into the life at a typical B-School, wherein you hear some of these lingos, which are quite exquisite by themselves.

Let us start by this: In a B-School, strategic importance is given to fundamental focal points and out-of-the-box paradigm shifts vis-a-vis best of breed buy-ins, not limited to taking a helicopter view of the dynamic VUCA world per se. We just Pfaff-ed.

DCP – Desperate Class Participation is pretty common in MBA classrooms, mainly because of compulsory class participation (CP) marks awarded on the basis of how much a student contributes to the class. This is usually more evident in the last days of a semester when you know, only this can save you because you anyway haven’t studied and now it’s too late.

Jargons – MBA graduates are adept at using these latest buzzwords that make them sound professional, which comes naturally as a result of being B-Schooled.

Rat Race – Be it summer placements or your final placements, you always find yourself up in a rat race, where everyone is doing the same thing to reach the same destination. You finally get out of it when you leave the B-School.

Done & Dusted – Everything you complete here after a lot of hard work (because everything here requires hard work) is Done & Dusted.

BT mat de – BT stands for a Bad Trip when someone talks about something that gives the listener an unhappy feeling such as, submitting an assignment way before the deadline when all you want is to extend it till the end of the semester.

Acads – So this refers to the ‘academics’ part of your MBA life which we hardly bother about anyway.

Placecom – The sole committee of a B-School, with which you never want a rift. Because if you have one, you will probably end up zonked.

Free riders – The people of a group who are only there in the list of names and no-where else. Ever imagined what happens to the group that has free riders only?

PJ – Well, you must be familiar with this one already, a Poor Joke.

X-walk – Now this term is majorly used in Jesuit institutions such as Xavier’s wherein the nights are incomplete without an X-Walk!

Chill mar – Well, this is what the ‘Free-riders’ generally do. Their chill pills are too much chill to give you chills.

Scon/Studcon/SEC/SAC (Student’s Council) – The coveted council of students who are undeviatingly ‘there for you’.

PPT (Pre-Placement Talk) – One of the talks wherein you have to sit, despite your wishes and faff, despite your ethics!

Chill com – The people who aren’t a part of any of the committees are in the Chill Com, a refuge for the ones who chose to chill. This is something that you will only find in IIM K.

Coco – The people who are the Course Coordinators for the particular term. Again, something exclusively for IIM K.

Globe/ GAS (Globally/Generally Accepted Sh*t) – Globe is the brand name and DCP is the product. After spending a year in a B-School, if you can answer any question in the world with perfect pfaff for two straight minutes such that the one who asked you the question completely believes in your answer and think that you probably know your stuff, you can consider your first year spent successfully. Such pfaff is called Globe in Indian B-School parlance. Something that’s exclusive for the IIM’s wherein you can pfaff as much as you want, which is totally and officially acceptable enough!

Challenge CP – This term which is typically found in IIM Indore is a game that every student takes seriously. You pass on a chit in the class with a word or phrase to a friend or not a friend and that person has to use that word/phrase in their class participation. It can be anything, if it’s your marketing class, try passing on a chit with ‘It Gives You Wiiiings!’

Tank – If you can ace it, you can tank it too. If your dream company is just the next company after this, all you can do is tank this interview.

So, we hope that you had a chill ride and enjoyed your little sneak-peak into a typical B-School life. Well, now if you want more of it, we can just say, join a B-School, so that you can live all of these and maybe create some more of yours? Also, this wasn’t pfaff, to be honest!

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