Rushing Through The Brick And Green Campus – MDI

My journey in MDI has been full of rush, vigor and enthusiasm. But the most important aspect of this journey has been the inspiration that I get from my fellow batchmates. There have been umpteen number of instances where I pushed my limits just by getting inspired by my peers and batchmates. I would like to share one such incident here. There was a marathon which was organized by the social service club, SAMARITANS, in which everyone was asked to participate. The rules stated that a person needs to cover six rounds of the whole campus in order to complete the marathon. When I heard this, I got so terrified that I decided not to participate, as running in a marathon was the worst nightmare for me. But there was another rule, which stated that after completing every round, you got some points, which would eventually contribute to your class score. Hence, I somehow managed to convince myself to run just one round for the sake of my class. The marathon started and I somehow completed one round. But just as I was about to leave the track, I saw some boys bracing up to run the second round. When I looked into their eyes, I saw a flame, an intent to succeed, to make the class proud by giving their best. It was that flame which motivated me to push my limits a little further and run. I closed my eyes and ran for as long as I could, and when I opened them, I was standing at the finish line. I had completed six rounds of the marathon! After this incident, I realized that everything is possible when you have inspirational and motivated people around you.

If I ever get a chance to work with any of the companies anchored by ABG, I would love to work with Idea Cellular Limited, primarily because of its vision to connect every corner of the country through its telecom services and contributing towards the “Digital India” campaign. A pan-India network of 2.7 lakh cell stores covering almost 400,000 towns and villages clearly suggests that the company is always in pursuit of enhancing connectivity between people and I would be more than happy to be a part of this journey. The company’s commitment to providing superior customer experience has been recognised at various forums, and hence I will always feel privileged to be part of a campaign which is working towards connecting people and providing them with the data services so that they can educate themselves and can contribute towards the overall progress of the country.