S-T-U-dent Strive, Transform and Unwind at IIM Udaipur

It’s true that the life in a B-School demands one to undo the past experiences and absorb the fast pace of the business environment. The academic rigor, career aspirations, deadlines, competition and multiple other threads cloud the mind of every student.

In the middle of all this, one thinks if all this makes the journey memorable? There is certainly one thing which does in Indian Institute of Management Udaipur. The thing, which lets you, Unwind.

Unwind is an annual event at IIM Udaipur where the students of the PGP Programme show their mettle in diverse fields of competition. The Unwind 2014 was conducted amidst high spirits of its first-year students of the Batch of 2014-2016 during the month of August’14. The season 3 of the extravaganza spanned four days, with multiple events organized by the cultural committee at IIM Udaipur, Culcomm.



Day 1:

The action kicked off with an introduction to the event from the Culcomm wherein all the rules and schedule of the events were explained to both the teams. The participating teams were the two sections of PGP Batch, Section A, and Section B.

The series of events started with an event named Pub Run (Publicity Run), keeping the right spirit of MBA ideology of marketing alive. The challenge for both the team was to cover the maximum space within the hostel premises to advertise their team’s creativity and print marketing. Both the sections planned the event well, and the walls of IIM Udaipur were soon covered with the colors of Unwind.

The big event of the night was Unveiling where both the teams stunned the audience with back to back incredible performances. The teams tried to outperform each other to gain the heads up advantage over another. The face of Unwind 2014 emerged in the form section A which introduced themselves as Atreyu- the Warriors and the other team from section B with the theme of excellence in Unconventional fields better known as Bhokali.




Day 2:

The rising sun brought India’s 68th year of Independence and both the teams were up and ready to dedicate their performances to the spirit of the nation’s freedom. Their faces glowed with the colors of glory, the colors of happiness, the colors of pride, the tricolor. The occasion was graced by the presence of Dr. Janat Shah, Director of IIM Udaipur and other faculty members. Mr. Shah hoisted the flag and addressed the IIMU community, reminding them of the achievements of today and path for tomorrow, keeping the nation’s interest in consideration, symbolizing the institute’s responsibility and reverence for the country.



The participating teams then filled the moment with melodies like patriotic songs and the social awareness campaign like Street Play. The enthusiasm reflected in the performances as the audience stood captivated. The high speed, action packed then moved to the muscle test on the field of Kabaddi.

The event was designed to evolve and showcase the hidden talents of both the teams. The second night was kindled with amazing performances of Mess Night and Dance Off, which were evaluated by the senior PGP batch and the Student’s Manager Mr. Joel Xavier.




Day 3:

As the event progressed the competition got intense and, both the teams were going all guns blazing. The game of throne brought much more energy, hunger to win and stamp the authority. The day was a test of art and skill. The events of the day, Stage Play, Mime, Theme Dance, Karaoke and Band Army saw the utmost creativity backed up with loud cheers, crackling laughs and cheerful smiles.

As the clock ticked to the darker night hours, the stage was rocked up by the much-awaited mega event, The Fashion Show. The awe of the performances could be seen in the glued eyes of the audience. The future corporates and business leaders presented their persona of keeping an eye for fashion.

The day before the judgment day, the warriors and the un-conventionalists also fought it out on the virtual battlefield of Counter Strike.




Day 4:

Finally, the day of realization of a dream, rewards of hard work, opportunity to become a champion had come. It was now the time of morning roads of Udaipur to witness the race to the championship carried out by the cyclists from both the teams of IIM Udaipur, for Cyclothon. The moments were captured in the form of magnificent pictures and seamless videos. The other events of the day were Folk Dance and Music Talk. Both the teams gave it their all as they built up to the decider of the Unwind 2014, The Class Act.

The stakes were high, and nothing could be predicted as nobody could predict the probable winner, such was the competition. The class act began with a scene of a global event opening ceremony as a group of 60 people covered space with a heart throbbing entry. The time stood still, and the aura was filled with crackers, flags, posters, music and lamps. It was a defining moment, and the teams put up their best performances out. The event ended with a good gesture from Section-B with a Handi Phod on the auspicious occasion of Janmashtami.

The results were awaited and all the hearts with the desire to win hoped with patience for a victory. But, as the rule of the game, where one has to loose for other to win, the section-A lifted the trophy with a margin of victory of not more than 0.36 points. As expected, the competition was so closely contested that the results were reflective of the hard efforts put in by both the teams. The night was filled with joy and the mood of celebration.

The success of the whole event could be judged with the team spirit and unity that it bought between the students. Every year, Unwind is organized to build one big family of the students present in IIM Udaipur. The hours of togetherness and the support at each step from each student to the other student forms a true IIMUan.

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