Sahil’s Journey To IIM Nagpur

‘Wait! Wait! Wait! First think and then act’ – my father used to tell me always as i was an impatient person. Before starting my boring story, i want to tell you about myself. My name is Sahil Jain and I am a chemical engineer, I worked for Samsung Engineering for 12 months. I was a very boring person as my graduation friends thought about me because I was teetotaler in my graduation.

I was very bad at writing stories but still I am trying. I was very impatient in doing any work and my parents were worried about me, what would happen if i would continue in this way.

Ok, let’s start with my boring story. I was giving my SSC exams then there was huge discussion going on which field was best to choose for next class and everyone was shouted- Science, Science and Science! So, I also shouted- Science. Here, the ecological fallacy comes true means which is true for group, also true for individuals. When I was entering my 11th class, there was one more discussion about coaching institutes for AIEEE/IIT preparation and then again the ecological fallacy came true and I joined a coaching institute.

That time, I felt becoming an engineer must be the supreme goal for every student as one had 4 years to enjoy. But that was my individualistic fallacy, where I was wrong. After HSC, I started my graduation journey and on the first day in the class I was dreaming about life full of joy and about female professors teaching in class and about beautiful girls in graduation. And when I woke up, I heard a male professor teaching us – water is a universal solvent, then i asked him,”What about a pair of shoes? Can a pair of shoes also dissolved in water? If not, then how can water be an universal solvent?” And then he looked at me like he would kill me but controlled his emotions and told me you are suspended for 3 days, then I learnt why we should control emotions. And after this incident, I felt that to spend 4 years is not an easy task for me and then I remembered my father’s ¬†words and now you can imagine how I spent my 4 years of graduation with only these adamant male professors.

After this incident, i tried to avoid sleeping in the class. Anyhow, I completed my graduation and after that I thought about doing an MBA. For this, I had to crack CAT – another entrance exam. There, I felt that life is not full of ups and downs but full of exams and exams and I can’t avoid this. I wanted to go for MBA after graduation but then I got an offer letter from Samsung Engineering so I thought it would be better to go for an MBA after a years experience.

So, I joined Samsung Engineering. It is true that it is very difficult to prepare for exam with your job, and it will be more difficult if your job timings are not fixed but I faced that challenge, started preparing whenever i got time and appeared  for CAT 2015 and scored 99.44%ile. But I am a GEM candidate. I committed some sins in the past to not to score good marks in HSC and SSC, so I did not get a call from the older IIMs other than a few new IIMs so I choose IIMN and started my PGP programme.

I am happy at IIMN as the best faculty is teaching me management subjects but being an engineer, I can’t understand what they are teaching. I must tell you, when I did not get any call from older IIMs, I was very disappointed and that is natural but my father told me, ‘You Think Therefore You Are’, which motivated me and encouraged me. Now whenever I felt demotivated, I recalled these words and honestly speaking, these words motivated me and helped me to face any challenge. Thank you Papa and Mamma, thank you IIMN for giving me a platform to explore myself and thank you to give me a platform where I can share my boring story.


About the Author:


Sahil is a PGP ’16 student of IIM Nagpur.

Sahil Jain

I am a PGP student at IIM Nagpur. I am also an executive member of Cultural Club at IIM Nagpur. I did his summer internship at Jindal Steel & Power Limited, Gurgaon.