Sailing Through The PIT/PI Process At TISS Mumbai

The interview season is upon us. You might have gone through numerous blogs and videos on how to nail the interview process. And here’s my contribution to it.

I will divide my experience into 3 parts – Pre-interview, Interview and Post-interview.

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 Pre-interview experience:

During this period, I focused predominantly on preparation as that was the only way I knew I could create favourable outcomes for myself. Most of the things that transpire on the day of the interview – the topic for the group discussion that you get, the panel that takes your interview, the type of questions they ask, etc – are largely based on luck. So, the time before the interview is extremely precious because that is where you can make a difference. I went through my Detailed Application Form (DAF) numerous times to figure out areas where the panel can ask me questions. I refreshed some of my graduation subjects, read newspapers and also started learning some basic concepts of Human Resources. Learning the basics of Human resources is important for multiple reasons. Firstly, you need to know what you are getting into. It is better to learn about the course you are taking before it is too late. Secondly, you need to show the panellists that you put in that extra effort to stand out from the crowd. A caveat: don’t use phrases or concepts that you do not understand completely because, trust me, the panel will grill you on every word that you mention.

Interview experience: 

Here the best thing you can do is to remove all the things that will cause you anxiety. Come on time, always carry the documents that you need and be calm. One major mistake that people do is that they ask others for the GD or Interview experience and then stress about it. Do not do this. Every GD and interview will be different. Your biggest armour on the day of the interview will be calmness. Talk to aspirants or the students in the campus and enjoy the day. When you get through, this is the day you will remember – to make it a good one!

Post interview experience: 

According to my post, the interview one should just leave all expectation and stress. You were selected into any college depends on a lot of factors and not just on your performance. Do not waste your time in engaging in debates on online forums about cut-offs for they are the best techniques of wasting time. Prepare for other interviews in you have any. If you do not have any other interviews, do the things you love- travel, paint, sleep, binge-watch Netflix shows! You will not get time to do any of these once your college starts. Personally, I read many of my must-read books and thoroughly enjoyed every second of it.


If you found the article too long, I will summarise it in 3 points for you.

1.    Prepare to the best of your abilities on your profile and the course that you are applying

2.    Stay cool as a cucumber during the day of the interview. Smile and make the day yours.

3.    Don’t worry about the results.

All the best for PIT/PI folks!

About the Author:

Sheetal S Poojary is a first-year student of HRM & LR Course at TISS Mumbai. When not impersonating a bookworm, Sheetal is found spending time petting her canine friends, cracking poor jokes and daydreaming.


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