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One of the schools of thought – Libertarianism – states to maximise autonomy and freedom of choice, emphasising the value of political freedom, voluntary association, and the importance of individual judgement. It propagates the idea of ‘free will’. But is the concept of ‘free will’ truly applicable when it comes to same-sex marriages? In a country where the legal age for girls to get married is 18 and guys – 21 but the drinking age is 25; can we really make a point to legalise same-sex marriage in India? Is India really ready to accept the notion of marrying for the sake of love and love only or is it still going to be determined by the social castes and class system which are considered the most important factor when it comes to marriage – the legal way to procreate? The question from to be or not to be is changed now to should we or, shouldn’t we? What are your thoughts on this?


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Anirudh Iyer

Marriage is a Union between two souls, irrespective of their gender, caste or race. If two people deeply in love with each other, want to get married and have a family, it is their right to do so. Now, coming to the question, if same sex marriage should be legalised, I feel, it should be legalised and be given it’s due respect because, we live in a society, which is an amalgamation of people belonging to various walks of life, and respecting each others freedom and each others rights has always been


6.5/10 – The argument seems incomplete at the end. However, decent opening argument and well articulated. You could have added more depth to it by talking about steps taken by different countries, the reason for opposition and whether it is well-founded etc.


First of all, marriage in India is deep rooted with the caste system since long time. The notion of inter caste marriage is still not widely accepted across various parts of the country. And speaking of same sex marriage, it is quite impossible in the near future to happen, until the taboo of accepting one’s sexuality with the family support is reduced to an extent. If it is made legal, it would benefit many in the long run and help in overcoming embarrassment and also being outspoken without the fear of going against the law.

Team Insideiim

6.5/10 – Although not very well articulated it was interesting to bring the fact that even inter-caste marriage is still frowned upon in the indian society and it could take a long time before same-sex marriage is even accepted. You should try to work on articulating better. Try working on writing down your ideas more and then getting it evaluated by someone else.

Bhushan Murari

Marriage is an institution. Although our culture does not accept the notion of same sex marriages, but we being one of the largest democracies, it is imperative for the state to promote free will of it’s citizens and go beyond the cultural barriers to help develop a sense of individuality and respect among the people. Not only the state, but also the people must know that there is nothing wrong in a feeling of love between two persons irrespective of their caste, creed, race or sex. We need reforms among the people at a social level. Family support also plays a very crucial role. Albeit, in a nation which considers sex itself as a taboo and refrains from openly discussing it at an informational/educational level within the family proves that we are very far away with the idea of accepting same sex marriages. Legalizing it would not only show that the society is progressive and the state cares for it’s citizens but also foster an environment of well being among the people.

Team Insideiim

6/10 – Good point on democracy and state should promote free will of people – although it is a bit controversial – what is accepted under the garb of free will? Good point brought in by talking about lack of sex education in the country. Articulation is alright but can become better with practise.

raghav bansal

good evening to all, today in India most of the people tends to follow the western culture. The new generation doesn’t want to follow the old Indian tradition. now people are doing love marriages, which was not there in early years, but now this is happening. all the people have the rights to choose their life partners. who we are to interfere in their private life. if two same sex people are happy with each other, how we can interfere in their life. I think same-sex marriage should be legalised. many nations had legalised this like Spain, France, Brazil, Argentina, Canada. if we don’t do it right now, then we have to do it in few years. because we can’t stop people to choosing their life partners according to their desire.

Team Insideiim

3.5/10 – Poor articulation and no new point brought in except for the one on countries which have legalised same sex marriage. A lot of work ahead my friend.

Veronica Dixit

Being a homosexual in India is quite different from developed countries. The phenomena of same-sex marriage varies widely across the globe. Recently, Ireland govt. legalized the concept of same-sex marriage. Around 63 percent of ireland population supported the legalization of same-sex marriage in the country. However, In India, the homosexual intercourse is been made punishable under Section 377 of IPC, 1860. Although, In 2009 Indian govt. quietly legalized homosexual marriage, which created huge havoc across the whole nation, which resulted in the decision to get revoked in 2013 by the central govt. In simple terms, the main barrier for mainstream adoption of same sex marriage in India is cultural acceptance rather than legalization, which will take a long time until the social stigma in the sophisticatical society like India gets vanished, but legalization is a good start I feel. An historical move such as this would also herald India as a modern and progressive nation as countries such as US equivocate on making same sex marriage a federal right.

Team Insideiim

8/10 – Very good argument primarily because of the use of data and facts around the issue. The first person to bring up sec 377. Also, good flow to prove that social acceptance rather than legalisation is the main issue. Well done.

Vanika Dua

In a country like India where even inter-caste marriages are frowned upon,making same sex marriage legal is something which Indian can’t even fathom.Being gay is a crime in India and most people here still think it’s a disease which needs to be iradicated from the world and with this thinking you can’t really move forward.

Deepali Lakhanpal

One can always move forward, Inter-caste marriages were not accepted in India but now there are a lot examples where you can see people of different castes married to each other. India is in its developing state things will take time but eventually everything is going to fall in its place.

Team Insideiim

3/10 for @Vanika – No new point so late in the GD. Everything is a repetition. Decent articulation.

Deepali Lakhanpal

We have evidences from past that one who is superior in terms of money, health, power survives and they form all the rules that are best suitable their interests and which their imaginations forced them to believe, Caste system, racial differences, biological differences, etc. Nobody can walk in others shoe that is so obvious but we human now a days try to comprehend why someone is different from us and we started respecting each others preferences (in terms of cloths, music, living style, eating habits, etc) India is governed by people who have never experienced anything which is not different from their current thinking patterns, no one is equal and that is the truth of life, one should accept this.

Same-Sex marriages is Quite a different scenario for everybody who is living in India because they think it is disease, some never head of this thing, some think it is a phase of life and in the end one should marry the opposite sex.

Shashi tharoor emphasized on this topic in Parliament to amend 377 but what people did instead of acknowledging his view point they started blaming him that he might have interests in “MEN”.

Yes, same-sex marriage is legalized, why? , because we are not in jungles any more where one had to kill other in order to live his life peacefully, we have law and order to protect our interests, if government can protect the rights of those who no longer need it or misusing few facilities and subsidies provided by government, LGBT is just asking for what is their biological need and on which they have no control.

(pardon my english).
Thank you!

Nikhil Deepak

with due respect maam i completely disagree with u.the matter of whether same sex marriage should be legalized or penalized is not so practical in india bcoz as far as homsexulaity is concerned it is far from truth in indian society .why should one have to go beyond the perimeter of nature and traditions which we inherited from our ancestors like buddha .In india where a case of inter caste marriage could result in honour killing ,where same sex marriage is just the beyond of our imagination. this is nothing more than taboo which all i have to say about.

Team Insideiim

@Nikhil – 2/10 – Poor articulation. Argument is difficult to understand. How does Buddha come into the picture? No new point added either which hasn’t already been made above.

Team Insideiim

4/10 – @Deepali – Articulation is not up to the mark but even if we ignore that your essay sounds like a long rant and rambles a lot without making any new point. Maybe you are but we can’t seem to understand. The other thing is that if you ramble like this you are likely to be interrupted in a GD soon and will not be able to speak so long.

Debashish Mishra

In India, homosexuality has always been a Taboo subject. It is something which goes against the general conscience of people. In a country where the third gender has always faced a sense of eerie among the general public, to hope for marriage among the same sex is but a Half baked Idea. Even if the books or Laws claim to redefine their status , the society in general might not be ready to accept it yet.In the recent years a gradual shift has been seen among the people, however as long as the people are bound by their Prides and Prejudice , a sudden change might not be beneficial.A sudden change in rules might make the people feel insecure and series of protests would follow , a common example seen after the first Amendment in 2009.

Team Insideiim

6/10 – Marks for decent articulation and for bringing on to the table the point about transgenders. However, the lack of social acceptance vs Legalisation has already been made. You talked about it again in a different way.

Dheeraj Dadhich

Talent goes where it feels secure.. when Hitler was killing Jews… a Jew named Einstein went to america.. his ideas went on to create atomic bomb and boom .. they won the WWII and became new super power… when i want a computer programme to be created i want it to work.. it doesn’t matter if the coder think that he is a reincarnation of a cat, drives a pink alto, prays to god standing on his head .. and is may be a homosexual… the argument regarding social cohesiveness is dead.. we come together nowadays to work and even work from home.. don’t judge is the chant of the day and Show Me The Work is the anthem … if India has to progress.. it cannot do so with regressive ideas.. we need the new ideas .. we need the best talent.. legalize gay marriage so we don’t lose talent for want of flexibility.. especially when the gay couple do not harm a third party and pays taxes here.. there is a reason that gay heaven California has more GDP than whole country of Russia.. they attract best talent.. we need to do so too