“With Deloitte Digital, There Are Endless Possibilities” – Saurav Mishra’s Journey Of Summers At Deloitte – XIMB

The date was 2nd of April 2018 when my journey with Deloitte India (Offices of the US) began. It was a ‘dream come true’ moment for me to spend time with the many well-trained consultants across different offices in India as a “Management Intern”. The much-touted W2D (Welcome to Deloitte) session was conducted by the Bengaluru Deloitte Consulting Talent Team. We had our ID Cards punched, received state-of-the-art laptops within the first 30 minutes of arriving. We had Instructor-led sessions on “Deloitte’s Culture”, “Business Chemistry”, “Story Boarding” and were aligned to our respective service lines. Kudos go to the Talent Management team for assigning multiple buddies to make the stay at Deloitte smooth.

As a part of the Summer Internship Program, we were allocated a case study and were supposed to work on a Functional shadow role for their ongoing projects. I was assigned a case study on “IoT (Internet of Things) & RPA’s (Robotic Process Automation) role in bringing operational transformation leading to top line growth of US Insurance sector”. Along with it, I was working for an e-commerce development project for a major US furniture company which was undergoing an organizational restructuring.

By the time, we had completed the first two weeks; we have had several sessions with senior leadership of Deloitte.  Srividya Visweswarababu, Director Deloitte Digital even addressed us and set the expectations for the program. There was one buzzword which the leadership emphasized upon and is a Deloitte cliché term, “networking”. Until then I had a very vague idea of what it means, and I hardly knew how networking cogwheels rotate. I had rarely encountered an e-commerce platform development and now all of a sudden I was at the centre of a full-fledged e-commerce deployment. With such doubts and apprehensions, I made a slow yet steady start. 

As time passed by, I began reading whitepapers on the insurance sector and worked on the project, I gradually realized the need of formal guidance from Industry experts. The efforts of research could take my analysis to a certain threshold but to go further, I needed to talk with folks from the industry who have actually implemented projects with vendor partners. Here I started to speak with senior people and little did I know that they would be so receptive. The senior leaders gave patient listening and at times took special sessions imparting industry experience. This is where I understood Deloitte’s open culture and why they stress so much on “networking”.

Gradually, I started to develop functional understanding and the Quality Assurance (QA) perspective of the project. I also contributed to daily QA tasks and business analyst’s requirement gathering documents. In the meantime, we had reached the mid-way of the internship and had our mid-reviews. The leadership was there and pointed out numerous ways where our research could be fine-tuned. For the final review, I incorporated those suggestions. The final deck took a really good shape. I received appreciation from senior managers.

When I will go back to XIM, I would take back a lot of things apart from the functional knowledge acquired. This will include a perception of a consultant to visualize things from an industry’s lens. In a matter of 8 weeks, I had the opportunity to analyze the Indian agricultural equipment manufacturing sector, US furniture retail market, and US insurance space. I worked on cutting-edge technologies like IoT, SAP Hybris, RPA, and Augmented Reality. Beyond these technical aspects, I learnt how to approach seniors when in doubt; I understood how important communication is in a client facing role and most significantly the art of asking right questions to the right people. In a nutshell, I had a miniscule MBA in this small period of 2 months.

Now, I am going through those anxious moments where there is a quandary whether I could get a full-time opportunity in the best of the Big 4’s of the consultancy world. Let’s hope that everything turns out quite positive and I realize my aspiration of wearing the ID card with the Green Dot as an FTE.

Saurav Mishra

Hey Folks! I am Saurav Sambeet Mishra. I bring along with me 2 years of work experience in IT Operations in Life Sciences Industry. Presently I am pursuing my MBA from XIMB with a keen interest in Marketing & IT subjects. In the past, I had my stroke of glory with Public Speaking. I have brought laurels for my graduate school at National level debates.



Anil Samal

A conglomeration of technologies and business process, that’s what trendy 2020’s demand, in a consultant. And you, Mishra you are Tony Stark of this field. Within such stipulated time, working on different fields of business, acquiring the required skills is really challenging. And you have shown no mercy to this challenge. Wish you all the very best for you future endeavours.

Saurav Mishra

Thanks mate ! Yes, I will continue to post informative posts on how the emerging trends are shaping the business world. Really appreciate your encouraging words !

Srustindra Mishra

Very well articulated piece about what is it like to be a management intern at Deloitte and the company culture .May you achieve your dream of joining there as FTE. All the very best Sourav

Yogesh Kumar

Great insights.This perfectly sums up the great work culture of Deloitte and how it helps an individual to grow professionally,No doubt this comes from one of the greatest seniors at XIMB.

Saurav Mishra

Deloitte’s open culture cannot be expressed in words, untill one goes and works in their offices. From Principals to Senior Managers, everyone is at an arm’s length provided you have the right questions to ask !

somya shaw

Articles like this are a real see through to what are the real learnings and insights to look for. Thank you for such a nice article and wish you best of luck.

Sidhant Agrawal

It is indeed a proud moment to have gone through your internship experience at Deloitte. A very well written article such as this would inspire millions of young MBA grads to take a step further in their lives bring glory n fame to their families, institutions and loved ones!! Cheers..


Brilliantly articulated Saurav!! The piece very well describes the rich professional environment at Deloitte. Please do give me some tips about how to go about the interviews for SIP with Deloitte.

Saurav Mishra

Hey Rinki ! Develop communication skills, work on management consulting jargons and prepare a few proven case studies before the interviews. Be frank with the panelists and they will definitely appreciate it !

Mousumi Panda

Wonderfully penned down the entire internship experience..Feels Great to see someone from XIMB had amazing learning and development through his stint.Good job Sourav..Hope your experience will guide many of us here for our future placements.

Kumar Avanish

Hey Saurav, that was a really informative piece of article. You have aptly highlighted Deloitte’s work culture, networking and other aspects. Cheers brother !