Save The Internet – by SnG Comedy

Every morning when I open my newspaper, a 2 – page unmissable advertisement, put out by Facebook, educating me about why Free Basics is good for India, assaults me.

But is it?

Free Basics partners with Internet Service Provider (IPS) to provide free & preferential treatment – in short violating Net Neutrality – which seeks to provide free & unbiased internet access to all.

Instead, of me explaining the issues, I would request you to view an infotaining video posted by SnG Comedy. I am sure you will find it informative & entertaining & also help you take a decision.

But should you decided to support the cause do remember to click on the link today – because it is the last day!

Disclosure – My son, Kautuk, has scripted & also acted in the video. For a good measure, he has also used many ‘dialogues’, which my wife & I have subjected him to, over time.





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