The Scenic Beauty Of SIBM Pune Gets You High – Nikhith Vvs

Stories at the hilltop are outspoken.

SIBM Pune, a premier B-School established in 1978, which is known for its unique management programme, excellence in academics, contributions to industry by esteemed alumni and students.

It’s unfortunate for us to call it a campus which is spread over 300 acres on the hilltop where you start your day waking up to the peacocks and birds chirping, greenery all around the campus, surrounded by the diverse beauty of women, exposure from international students, world class sports infrastructure, Aqua Point which overlooks the Symbiosis Reservoir and most importantly a better platform than a matrimonial forum (People start being in a relationship and end up getting married after graduation).

Unlike every other college say that they are “STUDENT DRIVEN” , we can proudly say that the campus is driven completely by students right from the admissions process till the students get placed , every other activity is driven by students with a huge base of 9 Student Councils and 5 Special Interest Groups, where 169 students are part the team.

Yes, my campus is zero-tolerant towards Smoking, Drinking and Drugs as the scenic view of our campus itself gets you high enough. And yes, we do have a hectic schedule and tiresome lectures but the outstanding view at the hilltop gives you peace to get along.

To make sure that the night life lovers aren’t disappointed we have a Mid Night Canteen which runs till 2am and we don’t need music or bed time stories to hit the sheets as the nature is getting the work done for us, reminding that Nature is alive and talking to us.

I wouldn’t have expected more from a B-School as a Student.

SIBM Pune – The Symbi’S Pride.

Which Company in ABG and why?

ABG is one of the top most conglomerates not only in India but also in 42 other countries.

Aditya Birla Retail Limited: Though the start is in 2007 it has picked up well and has it’s footprint in diverse retail elements. Having 523 stores across the country with diversity gives a good experience and exposure right from the start. The Practices that are being followed to make sure the Staff work to their complete potential brings the uniqueness in the company. Having a motto of Quality 1st is proven from the results the company has shown, which directed me to make a choice.

Nikhith Vvs

Marketing, SIBM Pune

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