Scholar’s Block At MDI

I joined MDI on 14th June 2018 filled with excitement for a new phase in my life. We had 10 days of the induction process. As at the end of the induction, we all got exhausted because of the hectic schedule, numerous guest lectures and sleepless nights. In retrospect it was all worth it. Finally, on 25th June, our regular classes started. On the day of our business statistics class we met the one of the funniest and most brilliant faculty. Even though we had a long day and a sleepless night we did not fell asleep in his class.  As I had an engineering background I thought statistics is going to be a cakewalk for me but the same myth was busted on the first day itself. We were introduced to the market basket analysis and then we got to know how the probability can be used to solve the practical problem and to increase the sell of the FMCG products by decoding the consumer behavior using the invoices data.

Apart from that most memorable thing at b-school is group project work. Previously I used to work individually but now I learned to work in team. It is a fun filled activity and simultaneously we get to know the different perspective from different people and it changes your outlook for particular things. As the rule of the last minute, all the group members gathered for the case study on the last day and we worked all night. We had food late at night, pulling the legs of the team members and discussing the case study and worrying about the next day classes. As the sleep became a luxury since the starting of the college now I am enjoying these days to the fullest. It is an overall unique experience which has a long-lasting memory for the life.

I am an active investor since 3 years and learned equity analysis and value investing. This makes Aditya Birla Capital the right place to work with for me as it has diverse prortfolio ranging from mutual funds, equity analysis, PMS services etc. It is one of the largest financial services players in India. It is providing the end to end the need for the retail and corporate client and it has pan India presence. ABCL manages, through its subsidiaries and joint ventures, aggregate assets worth Rs. 2,813 billion and has a lending book of Rs.447 billion, placing it among the top five private diversified NBFCs in India, the 4th largest assets management company in India by domestic AAUM. ABCL is the leading AMC for the mutual funds across India ranging from equity, debt, hybrid, etf, gold funds. Thus ABCL is a dream place to work for me.