SCMHRD – Candid Views And Learnings

What should I write? I scratched my head, as I pondered over this question in my mind while sitting in the comfort of my hostel room at SCMHRD, taking a few sips of pepsi now and then, my mind took me back to the time when I joined this beautiful institute nine months back. I am a simple, normal girl who loves to dream and clearly, working as a software engineer wasn’t enough for me. I wanted something more. MBA was that “more.” By “more” I do not mean a CV pointer or an added skill or some new area of knowledge. Of course, all these hold true but what I was looking for was a new EXPERIENCE.

I firmly believe that as a human being you are a sum total of your experiences in life. You imbibe subconsciously all that you experience and a new dimension get added to your personality. To cut short, a human being is nothing more than a culmination of all the experiences he has had. Now SCMHRD is one place that would give you a lot of experiences. These could be sweet, bitter, sour(now I am running out of adjectives!) pretty much consisting of every type that you could think of.

As I reflect back today, I realize that all of this has been one hell of an exciting journey. On June 4th 2018, I set foot on this campus and that was when I transitioned from a software professional to a student. It was my second time in Pune and I knew the weather here was amazing. I met a couple of my batch mates in the hostel and realized the sheer amount of diversity this place held. There were Bengalis, Punjabis, Keralites, Assamese, Gujaratis, Himachalis, in short, the college diversity had covered the entire length and breadth of the country. Some were kids of the NRIs!

Now I won’t blabber on about the diversity part anymore. You must have got the entire picture. I would directly give you a sneak peek into the two most unique experiences that you get when you’re about to start your journey here at SCMHRD. The first one is the Outbound Learning(OBL) program which is about some physical activities that would help you bond with your batch mates and try to know them better. The next one would be the Art of Living’s (AOL) “Happiness Program” which promises to give you long-lasting tips on how to lead a stress-free life. Well if you’re about to become a corporate leader in future, why won’t you need a few tips on leading a stress-free life?

The moment you are done with these two, you will be facing the rigour of academics(being your first semester you will feel the rigour more intensely). Assignments, classes and exams tend to take a toll on you but eventually, you learn to balance them all. Now all of this taught me a few things that I would like to share. Firstly, life is very unpredictable. You might hope for something but you may get something totally different! All you have to do is accept its unpredictability and learn to adapt to changes.

Secondly, time flies quickly. Even after completing a year, I still feel that it was only yesterday that I started my journey at SCMHRD. So, do whatever you wish to do NOW. There is no tomorrow. Follow your dreams, your passion. Don’t wait for that “one day” when you will start doing things, that “one day” is a myth. It will never come.

Lastly, friendship is important. The world is full of what I call “mechanical” relations which exist only for some selfish reason or the other. Such relations do not stand the test of time and are worthless. Make friends that will stand by you during good times and bad times. In the end, they would turn out to be the true gems of your life.

Now enough of me being preachy! I better get going as I have a class to attend to and hope you all make worthwhile experiences in life and make each experience count.

Sukriti Jaswal

Sukriti Jaswal Marketing Student at SCMHRD