Scoring 99%ile+ In VA Is Different From Scoring 99%ile+ In The Other Two Sections

Scoring 99+ in VA is different from scoring 99+ in the other two sections, which is why we see a lot of people struggle in VA despite scoring well in the other sections. It is a section where even coaching classes haven’t found a clear-cut formula for. A major part of scoring well in VA is getting a good command over the language itself, which takes time. But that in itself isn’t enough; when I took the first few mocks I was surprised to see I was struggling in the VA section because, being an avid reader, that was one section I wasn’t worried about. With time I realized the trickiness of this section because understanding the context of the question is very important. It is very easy to misinterpret the question and is also probably why people get a lot of negatives in VA because people actually think their answer is right, which is unlike QA or DILR where you definitely know when you’re wrong.

As with any other section, it is important to list down your strengths and weaknesses. Preparing for Verbal Ability is pretty straightforward if you’re fairly comfortable with jumbled sentences you’ll probably do well in the exam as well. If you’re not, it is entirely your decision on the amount of time you want to invest, considering the probable returns. On the other hand, preparing for Reading Comprehensions, Critical reasoning is fairly unorganized. It is purely based on one’s understanding of the passage or paragraph and if it falls in line with what the author wanted to convey. One way I tried to practice this was by reading varied articles by varied authors on varied topics. It helps to understand the perspective and purpose of the article. In terms of actually solving the paper, for RCs, reading very carefully is paramount. The care with which you read the RC would make or break the 12 marks that it holds. It obviously helps if you read fast, but in my view, it is better to have a good accuracy and lower attempts than having higher attempts and an average accuracy.

As a general tip, I strongly recommend taking as many mocks as possible, irrespective of what your preparation level is. You could get a pleasant surprise with your scores, or you could get better insights as to how you could steer your preparation.

Kaustubh Andhorikar

Kaustubh Andhorikar is a MMS-18 student at the Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (JBIMS). Having a work experience of 6 months in Sales & Marketing, Kaustubh graduated from the Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute (VJTI) in 2017 with a degree B.Tech degree specializing in Production. A self confessed reader, Kaustubh also enjoys trekking in his spare time.