Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years – Marrying You! That’s Why IIM!

Time : Mid-july, Final year of Undergrad, 2016

I needed the motivation to prepare for a big exam (read challenge) like CAT. So much more also because of not so glamorous acads (like or unlike most of junta).

And I found it, in the form of the girl of my dreams, the princess of my heart. Yes ! I wanted to desperately get into an Indian Institute of Management so that later on I would become something and hence eligible to marry the girl (same girl I mentioned before). A typical Indian Soch!

I began my preparations from August 2016 (enrolled in test series) and started giving mocks. After 2-3 mocks I decided that I don’t require to join a coaching, also there were no coaching classes available in my city of undergrad, we would have to travel at least a 100 kms for nearest TIME centre.

As each mock passed by, I concentrated more on improving my scores by analysing rigorously (analysed one of my mocks for 8 hours over a span of 2 days).

But over a period of time, you start losing confidence (by low scores) or get distracted. What could help you during these situations is your purpose(motivation) for belling the CAT. Every time I wanted to withdraw I just imagined my prospects of getting married.


And it worked!

CAT’16 : 99.34 %le , converted IIM Indore. ..Left the offer.. Why ?

Wait for my next article .. need to give a mock test right now.

Rit Singh

The author wants to be a billionaire so that one day he can provide for millions of people in our country who don't know where their next meal is going to come from(Billionaire Social Entrepreneur). He loves to read success stories of CEO's to know the process that made them. Last ,but definitely not the least he enjoys being an avid quizzer of LIFE!!