Where Seniors Look Out For Their Juniors – MDI

MDI is one of the institution at the acme of Management studies in India and the facilities it offers and the intensity of fake shouting of its seniors are commensurate with its status.

One thing I like the most about this college is its culture. The culture where seniors look out for their juniors. From the very next day when my whole batch registered, we were summoned for induction at very odd timings. Since the cloud of uncertainty of being called in anytime was floating over our head, we didn’t know whether to sleep, eat or dance. We had to be ready to reach the venue in under 10 minutes of being summoned. The scene was chaotic, and we had to learn how to manage it all from the very beginning. Now the student council who ran these inductions had more rules than there are in the Indian constitution. Be it move your hand a particular way or don’t move at all, don’t look directly into the eyes of a senior, introduce yourself like you are in the military, don’t smile, etc. People who defaulted in any of the instructions were given a good half hour yelling and torturing. The way seniors acted made us believe that we did not join a B-school but the Navy Seal boot camp. One guy particularly yelled so loud that you could hear his voice over the sound of a lightning.

I never defaulted in anything because I was very cautious. For people like me, the whole scene used to be utmost entertaining. Anytime, from anywhere, anyone would suddenly shout and scare us. The faces beaming anger and disappointment against us. The whole sight used to make me laugh as the faces looked funny but laughing wad banned, had to do it in a subtle way. When yelling, the seniors used to say out pretty funny things to insult us and it was so entertaining that whole batch used to break into laughter and then used to have another yelling session for laughing.

The whole process, hard but necessary, was to prepare us for our summers and the seniors were looking out for us and for the brand MDI. The whole period was an emotional roller coaster through which me and my friends are bonded for life.

The company where I would want to go is Idea Cellular Limited under operations. The reason is that in the current landscape in India, managing a network is a big challenge due to tough competition. I would get to use my expertise and also learn some new skills. Moreover, I would like to have a closer look on the changing technological needs and its implementation.