Session on “Shaping up for the Future” with Dr. K. R. Prathap Kumar, Dpty. Medical Director, Sunrise Group of Hospitals

On December 16, 2015, SCMS Cochin School of Business organized an interesting industry interface session for its students, which was helmed by Dr. K. R. Prathap Kumar, Deputy Medical Director, Sunrise Group of Hospitals. He addressed PGDM students of Batch 24 on the topic of “Shaping up for the ‪Future”. The renowned medical professional with decades of experience in the field drove his point home in his own engaging and inimitable style.

To give their best in their academic journeys, students often focus on their mental agility but overlook their physical wellbeing. According to Dr. Kumar that can be an issue that has serious repercussions. “Health is not a problem, maintaining health is a problem. Life is to enjoy but you should be around to enjoy it. You need to start looking after your health because your parents have done a good job of it before you start letting it go; that shouldn’t happen,” he stated. He then emphasized how exercising can help people lose weight, mobility, heart and lung health.

Dr. Kumar also focused on different types of workouts and activities that can bear results for students. “High intensity interval training, which is done to enhance aerobic power, has its advantages. Exercising only for about 30 minutes can help you burn calories and lose weight,” he said encouraging the students. His comprehensive talk further covered issues like damage caused by free radicals including tiredness, obesity and cancer. Dr. Kumar ended his session by fielding questions about health and wellbeing.