The Shared Art Of GLOBE-ing | IIM Rohtak

Sir, I have a doubt”, the voice echoes across the room and the whole class shares a notorious smile. This is one of my batchmates, a classmate for the first year. A peculiar man, beyond the understanding of others, though an active participant in all the lectures, he is one of a kind, let’s call him Kumar. I was introduced to Kumar during the induction program of IIM Rohtak, a task with random allotments results in a mandatory engagement with the strangers.

An MBA college is a world in itself, filled with people who leave you astounded with their knowledge, and also with souls one could very well do without meeting. Kumar suits none of these categories. He is a tall man, culturally rooted in south India, with a work experience of more than 3 years. During the first year, initially everybody believed him to be a resourceful man in terms of knowledge, and up to some point, he is.

We at IIM Rohtak, focus on analytics of everything, numbers circle around our whole MBA life. And to make sure that none of the case studies and their solutions lead to a birth of management bluff, we share a common term- GLOBE, similar to the actual Globe. One is globing when he or she, instead of coming to the point, moves in a circle around the topic. Half way through the first year, Kumar was already gripping the title too strong. Another talent that Kumar possessed was his capacity to fall asleep anywhere and anytime. It was around this time when during one of the lectures, Kumar dozed off, and the professor could very well see him dwelling in his dreamland. It was then, that the professor stood in front of him silently. Could someone else have done this? No. Kumar opened his eyes and without any second glance or thoughts, threw a random question at the professor. The whole class kept laughing for a good few minutes and eventually, the professor gave in too and joined the rest of us.

Kumar has always been an entertainer in this sense. I have had on several occasions, the chance to interact with Kumar, with him sharing his personal stories too. I find him very interesting, and irritating, all at the same time. As surprised as I maybe, I am glad I had an opportunity to be a part of a campus which prides itself in its diversity. I still see Kumar every now and then, and I share a friendly and moreover, a brotherly bond with him now. Well, an MBA, especially from an IIM, guarantees a life full of surprises, it never ceases to exist. For a fresher, with mind full of dreams and an empty bag, there is no stopping the river of knowledge, experiences, fun and surprises too.

Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

Aditya Birla Groups is a gigantic multinational company, build on the values of Integrity, Commitment, Passion, being seamless and Speed. With the power of these five values, the company aims to be the premium global conglomerate. With the opportunities that ABG provides to the youth of the nation, driving the economy of the country, I would love to join their sector of Branded Apparels, Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail limited. With a strong drive towards the fashion industry, it would be an opportunity to align my management skills with the company’s mission and vision.