Sherlock – A Class To Remember | NITIE Mumbai

Have you ever been deciphered by a psychologist? Or have you ever been caught redhanded, subconsciously hiding those attributes which could be unearthed only after proper introspection? We are quite seasoned players in covering our real selves. But there are some ulterior motives (ego satisfaction, inferiority complex, etc.) in doing so.

Today, I have a classroom experience to share with you that, I believe, will prove to be a life-changing session for me.

It was morning 10:05 A.M. and learning (Yes, it was not a lecture!) began with a story in which a task for everyone was to find out the most offensive character in one’s opinion. Like-minded people who voted for same character formed groups and decided to pitch in the class and gather maximum votes in their favor. As I was leading my group, I decided to take a head start by pitching ourselves first (Did I take right step? Seriously?). Wow, I found myself walking in the shoes of a legendary orator and delivered my content. It was a perfect start, I would say. My confidence was on cloud nine before I was barraged with questions from other groups defending their own decisions. Before I could answer one question, two questions popped up from my previous answer.

I decided to call my teammates to address more queries (My intent was not wrong but who gave me the authority to do that?). The pitching ground turned into fish market before we were asked to stop the discussion.

And there comes Sherlock, the professor who can read ulterior motives behind your every word. ‘Where is the leader?’ he asked for which I raised my hand. He refused to accept that fact stating that my team was overshadowing me. And I came up with an excellent reply implying that I set my team open to discuss which is a positive move. ‘In your pitch you have used ‘I’ for numerous times. Still do you think you are a team?’ I was stunned (Not like Ranvijay of Roadies). He further stated that I was looking at carpet a few times implying I was not confident on those points. He observed my eye movement to decipher that I was more concerned about the groups with masses and subconsciously ignoring the smaller one.

How much can someone dig into one’s personality? I realized on that day. Later, I met the faculty and thanked him for his constructive feedback (though, initially all that seemed to be grilling) and I also learnt how deep we have to delve into someone’s personality and gestures to observe one.

Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

It has been rightly quoted ‘If you want to learn swimming, dive into the water.’ Years back, I had discovered my ambition; to be a part of asset management team in an esteemed corporation. Aditya Birla Capital has been one of the most sought-after company to learn and apply concepts of asset management. As I have worked in the Banking sector before joining NITIE, my experience will definitely help in adding value to the company. I believe that if I get an opportunity to work with the company, I will strive harder to meet my ultimate goal.