Toothbrush is a lowly product! Therefore, you would be wondering if innovation is possible in this category?

Boie USA decided to take on this challenge!

As a first step, they identified the ‘job’ for which a toothbrush is hired by customers.

Answer – To kill bacteria!

Therefore, the company decided to embed silver into the bristles & head to kill bacteria.

This made the head expensive but it also gave a longer life to the toothbrush!

The next challenge? How to bring down the cost?

They realised that during usage the head gets worn out, not the handle. But the entire toothbrush is discarded!

This insight made them design a removable & interchangeable head.

Just slide the old head off the toothbrush & slip on a new one!

Lastly, current toothbrush contains bristles which are ‘tough’ on our enamel. But Boie Toothbrush bristles are made from a rubber-like material that is less abrasive on our enamel & gums!

Bottom-line: In every category, innovation is possible provided you understand the pain point of customers from the existing best solution & come up with a solution which either reduces or eliminates these pain point!