Indian Premier League, launched in 2008, is valued at an eye-popping $6.3 billion. (*Source: Duff & Phelps). A key reason for this soaring valuation was Star India temerity to sign a deal worth Rs. 16,347.5 crores for acquiring broadcasting rights over the next 5 years. What made Star India break the bank to acquire the broadcasting rights? One reason could be the change in content consumption, soaring popularity of over-the-top (OTT) & digital viewing platforms & not to forget the increased commitment from advertisers, broadcasters & sponsors. Did Star India’s own OTT – Hotstar witness sky-rocketing viewership? Of course – it set a world record of OTT viewership topping 10.7 million concurrent viewers. In addition, Star India, to recoup this mind-boggling investment delivered the content to various regional channels across its universe with commentary in 8 different languages – instead of just limiting the transmission only to sports channel with English commentary. What should BCCI do to ensure that the valuation continues to move northward? It must make sure that the tournament does not get ensnarled in any scandals.