My forecast for business trends for 2018 & beyond!

1.    Attention Economy: Attention’ will become a valuable asset. Many people find it difficult to maintain attention beyond 8 seconds. Business will conceptualise strategies to capture people attention in this ‘short’ time span. Based on this insight, YouTube permits people to skip ad post ‘7’ seconds.

2.    Immersive Experience: People will crave for immersive experiences. Companies will leverage Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) to deliver it.

3.    Customised Solutions: People are demanding customised solutions. Business will leverage Artificial Intelligence to deliver it.

4.    Videos: People predilections to consume content through video format is on the rise. Business will leverage this trend to engage their customers by putting content in video format.

5.    Sharing economy: People will continue to ditch owing asset in favour of ‘sharing’ it. This will ensure that assets can be sweated more.

6.    Workplace: Hot desking will gain traction & so will remote working – from client’s office, homes, social places like cafes, co-working places & more

7.    Voice searches / command will gain traction: Activities will be commanded through voice commands.

Do you agree with my forecast of business trends for 2018? What is your list for business trend for 2018?