CAT 2017, 26th Nov – Slot 1 (9 to 12noon)

2Qs – Coordinate Geometry
3Qs – Profit Loss
2Qs – Logarithms
1Q – Mensuration
1Q – Inequation
1Q – Maxima Minima
2Qs – AP
3Qs – Percentages
1Q – Mensuration + Percentage
1Q – Triangles
1Q – Upstream Downstream
1Q – Circle
1Q – Indices
2Qs – Ratio Proportion
1Q – Averages
2Qs – Linear Equations
1Q – Time Speed Distance
1Q – Quadratic Equations
1Q – Distribution (PnC)
1Q – Selection
2Qs – Functions
1Q – Rate and Work
1Q – Triangle + Time Speed Distance
1Q – Miscellaneous

– Level of majority of the Quants Questions – Easy to medium*

– Level of LRDI section – Medium to Difficult.*

– Every question of the LRDI set had one condition, so you need to spend time for every question to get the answer.*

–¬†Graphical sets were missing except in one set. Majority of the sets were of Miscellaneous type (Caselets, Reasoning based DI set, Network and Paths,..Etc).*

Verbal had
3 passages of 6Qs
2 passages of 3Qs,
4Qs parajumbles (all FIB),
3Qs to find the summary and 3Qs on finding the odd statement (4 out of 5 statements forms the meaningful paragraph and we need to find out the odd statement which does not fit into that paragraph) – all FIB.


– Analysis by Arihant Gala

Academic Mentor