Take Ola – they have attempted to offer the following innovations in the Indian market:

1. Offline Booking: Internet connectivity is unreliable in many parts of our country. Offline booking ( booking through text message) helps to overcome this pain point

2. Accepting Cash: Credit Card / Debit Card penetration is abysmally low. If the system only accepted it, then it would have served a very minuscule market. But by accepting ‘cash’ the market has expanded many folds.

3. Local Language Apps: ‘India’ may be comfortable with ‘English’ but ‘Bharat’ is not. To get ‘Bharat’ on to a platform, Apps have to be in the local language.

4. Ride Later Option: In many parts of India the internet may just go down when you are about to book a cab? This leaves you frustrated. Even if your net is working, cabs may not be available when you want! To overcome these pain Ride Later option is designed. With ‘Ride Later’, you can simply request a cab well in advance and have it at your doorstep, as planned.

5. Ola Auto: In India, Autos are an inexpensive way of transportation. Ola Auto makes this inexpensive transportation option available.

Bottom line: Be customer focused & not competitor obsessed. Come up with innovative solutions which will help reduce ‘pain point’ of your customers.