Don’t Let Anybody Tell You That You Can’t Do Something – Motivation For CAT

All my life, I have been able to track my every trait, every skill, every quirk and every proclivity back to my parents. I handle relationships like my mother and wolf down desserts like my father. I have my father’s skin and my mother’s mole. I shout like my father when angry and dance like my mother when overjoyed.

I write with my left hand, eat with my left hand and hit, hold, help with my left hand. And that’s why I am proud of being left-handed. It comes from neither of them. It comes from a cosmic accident, a random draw of lots. My parents have no role to play in it.

Every time I feel that between my mother and my father, all that I can be and all that I am good at has been pre-ordained, I find comfort in my left-handedness. It is the promise that God has made to me that I’m more than the sum of their parts.

This video is about this confidence. Where we come, who are our parents and how far we will go is not decided. It’s not decided that because we come from a shitty college, we are destined to go to a shitty business school. Or that because we come from a backward background, we can’t top a competitive exam like CAT.

“Don’t ever let somebody tell you, that you can’t do something.”