Typical Characteristics Of Gen Z And What It Means For A Marketeer

In the third post of our micro-series on generational segmentation, we cover the characteristics of Gen Z.

Generation Z represents those who are born after the year 2000. Digital is a part of the DNA of this segment. In fact, some would say they are Digital Overloaded. Imagine this: While some millennials have used audio cassettes in their childhood, most Gen Z’ers have barely even used CDs. This generation is used to customization in many areas – right from their personal device to their clothes, nothing needs to be standard or generic. Gen Z is considered to be independent, competitive and in contrast to the earlier generation, know what they want. They are experimental and look for quick results. At work, they would be used to having flexible working policies and believe in a high level of D.I.Y. Learning – Do It Yourself (courtesy the proliferation of YouTube). Strong believers of freedom and equality, they challenge tradition frequently and have a negative outlook of the future.

Why is it important to know all this about Gen Z? As a marketer, if your product is targeted towards this segment, then it’s important that you do your research about the segment’s values and beliefs. This is crucial in shaping marketing communication directed towards them.

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