Is ‘Hema’ Alibaba’s response to Amazon Go?

Hema dubbed the “New Retail” is a supermarket where the shoppers get a seamless blend of an online and offline shopping experience.

Each Hema. aims to serve a customer base within a 3 -kilometer radius to ensure fast, high-level service.(Service time: 30 minutes). The stores’ sales per unit area are three-to-five times those of other supermarkets.

The hyper-local business allows customers to shop from the comfort of their homes, using a mobile app. They can order fresh food to cook it at home or have it prepared by the Hema chefs and delivered within 30 minutes.

Customers who prefer the in-store experience, can visit the supermarket to hand-select their fresh food, such as seafood, and can choose to have it cooked for carry-out, delivered to their nearby home or office, or they can eat it on the spot the store’s dining area.

Alibaba works on asset-light business model. Why is deviating from its winning strategy & investing in creating these assets?

The aim of Alibaba is to use Hema to showcases & demonstrate the benefits of “New Retail” to customers and other businesses that want to digitally transform themselves.

You can experience Hema here & Amazon Go here to make up your mind!