Invest in knowing yourself. It is the maximum ROI activity you can ever do. It will help you be rich or excel or just do really well in some way. Most importantly, it will help you be more satisfied. For Sure.

What drives you? What are you truly good at? What gives you maximum joy? Which experiences have helped you positively? Remember the times when you were ‘lost in the moment’.

Often, one chases things that takes one further away from one’s true self. One ends up pretending. Instant gratification doesn’t make one happy. You will probably feel empty again soon. What you think is making you happy is often just a distraction. Most distractions are unhealthy in the long run.

When we were children, we probably knew who we were better. Maybe, we never articulated that but our behaviour reflected our true selves. As we grew in age, we started leaving parts of our real self every now and then. Time to connect with that self. Happy Children’s Day.